Why Small Storage Sheds are Popular Right Now

Storage sheds are among the best outdoor projects that anyone can try. The beauty of having a small garden shed is how it improves the aesthetics of your home. Currently, most people have garden yards with small storage sheds, especially in urban areas. You must be wondering why small storage sheds are gaining popularity rapidly.

Let’s find out.

1.   Ease of installation

It’s easy to place or build a small storage shed in your backyard. You can build it yourself following simple steps, even if you are a beginner. This is, in fact, the best option if you are on a budget and have time to work on it.

On the other hand, a big garden shed might need the services of an expert to install it completely. It also requires more materials and takes a lot of time to complete the work. This is the reason why most people opt for small sheds.

2.   Pricing

Small sheds are less costly because they require very few construction materials. They are also simple to install, and anyone can work on them. Once you have everything in place, you can choose a DIY construction method. This will help you save more on the money you would have used to hire a contractor.

3.   Saves space

Most people build storage sheds because of their interest in storing small items like gardening tools and keeping their homes organised. This makes them opt for a small shed that leaves the rest of their compound free. Remember, urban areas have limited space.

You’ll realize that most homeowners in urban areas don’t have enough space in their compound to do different things. Some people would prefer to have a small kitchen garden and a shed for storing some stuff. All these cannot happen if you don’t economize space.

Small sheds are getting popular because people can keep their tools inside and still maintain a spacious and neat appearance in their backyards.

4.   Small sheds fit anywhere

Your home’s size does not matter when you plan to install a shed. You can customize it according to the available space. Small sheds can fit in any tiny space, thanks to their urban-friendly nature. If you have a small backyard, don’t shy away from adding a small shed.

5.   You can turn it into a home office

Working from home needs a lot of discipline and motivation. One of the best areas where you can get total concentration is in the backyard. Did you know that you can build an office shed and enjoy the beauty of an outdoor environment while working?

As a genius work-from-home entrepreneur, you can easily get inspired by a humble home office customized from your small garden shed. If it is surrounded by a lot of natural beauty, it can be a source of new energy to keep you productive.

6.   Aesthetic value

There is an exceptional beauty that small sheds add to your home. So long as you design them following the proper steps, you will achieve elegant simplicity. Otherwise, big sheds tend to appear bulky, oversized, and less attractive.

7.   Promotes organisation

Small sheds in your backyard space help you to be more organised as they create space where you can store some things. Some people associate small sheds with random and disorganized items. This is because the sheds are full of clutter which creates a bad picture.

However, a well-decluttered shed never has chaos and is more appealing. So getting a bigger shed isn’t the solution. Disposing of extra gadgets or items will save your space. This is a great storage unit that you can keep other small tools for easy retrieval.

8.   Small sheds have a minimal lifestyle

The truth is that having more of something isn’t going to make you happier. In this era, a freeing reality is being experienced by many people. Less is better and also more liberating.

Having more creates a desire even to own more. It then becomes a vicious circle that makes you feel like a slave. With a small shed, you can prioritize what is more important and avoid buying more things that you don’t need.

9.   They create a beautiful potting shed

Many people love potting sheds because they help in keeping their home and garage organized. This means that they will still thrive because they have a sheltered area during the blowing of chilly spring winds. With appropriate backyard shed designs, you can come up with the cutest potting shed.

10. You can turn it into a dog’s kennel

When you build a small shed, you don’t need to build another kennel for your dogs. It’s easy to turn that shed into a dog’s kennel by doing a few changes to it. All you need is to insulate the ceiling and walls to regulate the temperature. You can also install a door that your dog will use to access the outside space for exercise.

11. They make a great chicken coop

If you are planning to rear chicken in your home, a small shed will do a great job. You can quickly turn it into a chicken coop which will protect them from predators. It’s easy to do this yourself. Add nesting boxes and roosting bars to that shed. Install a chicken door with a fenced-in run area that will let your chicken come and go anytime.

In a nutshell, small sheds storage are gaining popularity in most homes because of their versatility. You can easily convert them to serve different purposes. They can be a dog’s kennel, a home office, a chicken coop, or a place to store your tools and protect them from bad weather. These sheds are also easy to install and less costly. Due to their simplicity, you don’t need to be an expert to install them.

*: Image source: Pixabay

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