Why Mastic Asphalt Is the King of Waterproofing

Mastic Asphalt is one of the oldest building materials, used for waterproofing and has a vast list of benefits. It’s famous for its beautiful appearance and robust nature, giving unbeatable protection to constructions.

Today, Mastic Asphalt is still as appealing and effective as before. Below are some of the proven reasons why it is still the king of waterproofing.

1.   Has a Track Record of Durability

Without a doubt, mastic asphalt is one of the most durable and most rigid waterproofing membranes, with a life period of over 50 years. Architects and building owners prefer it because of its strength and durability, and it’s used in high-profile projects where there is sustained traffic. According to the professionals from Heritage Asphalt, the material is best used to build bridges, car parks, and roof gardens. Mastic asphalt is also regarded as the first choice when it comes to green roof installations. Another advantage of this material is that it’s easy to repair if it gets damaged.

2.   It’s Recyclable

Despite its durability, Mastic Asphalt can be recycled. Its tear and wear have little or no effect on the environment. After its lifespan ends, it can be recycled to be reused again or turned into mastic asphalt screeds. Mastic Asphalt is the best in construction since its use and reuse do not affect the environment, giving builders an environmentally friendly building material.

3.   It’s Carbon Zero

As the world struggles to develop carbon zero industrial products, Mastic Asphalt was the first industry to achieve this objective. Independent contractors, installers, manufacturers, and haulers have dramatically reduced carbon emissions and energy use. Currently, any project constructed using a mastic asphalt waterproofing system receives a CO2 neutral solution. It has also get recommendations from environmentalists due to its environmentally-friendly nature.

4.   Suitable for Roof Gardens

Mastic Asphalt has become the most preferred waterproofing membrane when it comes to roof garden projects because of its durability and excellent finish. It’s been in use for over 80 years and has direct proven results. When done on roof gardens, it prohibits plant roots from penetrating cracks and joints, as witnessed in other membranes. Its strength and durability make it the best choice for green roof projects because they can comfortably accommodate vehicle and human traffic. Its finishes also make it look neat and appealing in any project.

5.   Diverse Use

Mastic Asphalt has been in use for several years. It has provided unmatched protection to different projects, and over the years, it has got formulations to include advanced polymers, providing more durability. This gets done by combining its traditional strength and technology. The material then gets used in various projects, which include roads and walkways. It accommodates all types of weather and stands rapid weather changes. Its seamless application and durability make projects accommodate consistent use by vehicles and human traffic, including heavy commercial vehicles.

Other advantages of Mastic Asphalt, which makes it the best waterproofing membrane, include excellent finishing to projects, best value for money, and higher fire resistance. Its features make it suitable for use in commercial and domestic projects. There is also mastic asphalt flooring, which gives the best flooring to any project combined with polished stone finish.

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