Why do you need to embrace digital construction?

The need to embrace digital construction is evident as the construction industry faces a set of unique challenges. Historically, construction companies have been slow on technology uptake and it has been down on the priority list of professionals. However, the complex construction landscape and the challenges related to projects demand better construction management. 

Construction projects are getting increasingly complex and a fragmented value chain is something that sets apart construction from highly digitized sectors. As the margins are razor thin, there is less incentive for construction owners to invest capital in digital technologies. Moreover, investments in technology are associated with a high level of risk as there is a serious need to consider return on investment (ROI). 

Although construction has been slow in adopting digital solutions, those who are taking the technology route are excelling in the field and reaping significant dividends. Many firms are now adopting BIM and are taking further steps to shape projects from start to finish. Hence, you need to embrace digital construction for the following reasons: 

Dealing with labor problems 

It is getting increasingly difficult to find skilled labor as the current workforce is aging. The pool of younger construction professionals is not holding up well as they are not seasoned and have a significant capability gap and will face difficulty in staying ahead of the competition. 

Apart from this, recent college graduates do not find construction as an attractive profession and do not wish to pursue a career in construction. Therefore, adoption of construction technology can be a game-changer as it will attract a tech-savvy generation who are digital natives and change the perception of construction jobs. Thus, construction managers will find opportunities and will find the industry more lucrative due to tech deployment. 

Planning and Improved Cost Management 

Construction has a lot of moving parts and before any project commences there is a lot of planning involved. With the help of a construction software system it is easier to assess potential issues and save costs. One can easily track progress, measure the impact of the building and deliver the highest quality as BIM allows construction owners to do so. 

Thus to improve costs, better collaboration and project management, it is imperative to say yes to digitization. 

Improved Productivity and Collaboration 

Construction technology helps construction professionals to collaborate easily and strengthen control over their projects. In an age of strict deadlines and ever-tightening budgets, technology can improve productivity and streamline operations. 

For instance, virtual and augmented reality can help with the process of project planning, and reduce unforeseen delays. Other than that, construction owners can bring down completion time as they can monitor job sites with drones and make decisions easily. It also empowers firms to anticipate what may happen next and identify high risk areas. This also helps in improving safety and reducing job site accidents.  

By switching to technology, construction firms can experience better profits and keep all stakeholders informed. Digitalization will also help in doing away with time consuming spreadsheets and much more in times to come. 

How going digital can help embracing the next normal? 

The ongoing pandemic has been a catalyst in technology adoption among construction players. By going digital, one can overcome project challenges and improve accountability. 

Other than that it becomes easier to predict and plan as construction solutions improve transparency. There is also improved visibility as real-time time tracking and monitoring capabilities provide meaningful insights on each phase of construction project. This leads to accurate work getting done and eliminates the need for rework and ensures timely delivery.  

The construction ecosystem is in a constant flux and it will continue to change. Firms that will fail to digitize do not stand a chance to stay ahead of the competition. To succeed in this challenging environment, there is an immense need to digitize.  

The wheels of change are already set in motion and construction firms need to reimagine themselves and rethink what they stand for.  By embracing digital construction, they can make themselves future proof and that in itself is a tall order. The digital revolution is here to stay and it will not only change the way construction businesses work but also assist them in exploring new markets and steer ahead. 

Author Bio– Ed Williams is the Senior Team Lead at ProjectPro, an integrated construction accounting software. He holds a massive industry experience and is a Microsoft Dynamics expert who is focused on successful implementations. He is a visionary leader and always aims to deliver the best to the construction and project-oriented industries. 




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