Why Carpets Still Popular Flooring Choice in 2021

Homeowners have been fitting carpets into their houses since the 18th century. Surprisingly, people are still choosing carpets over other types of floorings in today’s modern world, so why are they still a popular choice?

Carpeting can look great in a home, as it helps add to the decor. There are plenty of different styles and patterns to choose from, so people have a wide variety of choices. Although traditional carpet stores stock lots of different types of carpets, more people than ever before are purchasing their flooring online. Carpet stores on the web and online marketplaces give people more choice, and the prices are often more competitive on the internet in comparison to brick and mortar carpet stores. However, there are still plenty of folks investing in carpets that are sold in traditional carpet stores. This way they will get to feel and see the carpet up close. Shopping for flooring online can prove risky because it might look slightly different when it is delivered to your door.

Carpets are a Safe Option

Because carpets are made of soft material, if a person were to fall the chances of them sustaining a serious injury is low, unlike harder flooring. For those living in a house with elderly people or young children, carpets are often the best choice of flooring. If a person was to fall on tiles, wooden flooring, or any other type of hard surface, they can easily get hurt.

The majority of carpets are made of resilient fibers, so the chances of you falling are unlikely. These non-slip properties help young kids and old age pensioners from falling. If someone was to spill liquid on the carpet, the carpet’s fibers would absorb the liquid so it is safe to walk on. If a person was to spill liquid on a hard surface, they could easily slip which could lead to a serious injury.

Most homeowners want to make sure that the people living in their household live in a safe environment, which is why so many people are still investing in carpets this year.

Carpets are Easy to Maintain

A lot of hard flooring requires a lot of maintenance. If you have opted for light colored tiles in your home, you will probably find yourself mopping the floor at least once a day. In areas where there is plenty of traffic, you might find yourself mopping and cleaning the area several times each day. This can consume a lot of time and cause a lot of frustration for the people living in the household.

Most carpets collect dirt, which is very hard for the naked eye to see. People can quickly clean their carpets with a vacuum. There are plenty of carpet cleaning products readily available in most stores, so people will have no issue finding things to help maintain their flooring.

To increase the carpet’s lifespan, a lot of people hire a professional carpet cleaning company. A lot of the time, debris gets stuck in the fabric of the carpet, which can damage it. Professional cleaners will have the proper tools and equipment that are specifically designed to clean even the most stubborn stains. If you spill wine or coffee on your carpet, instead of replacing it, consider contacting a reputable carpet cleaning company for help, like carpet cleaning Putney. Experienced carpet cleaners can often restore a carpet’s original look and feel, and they will be able to advise you only on cleaning techniques and tips.

They allow you and others to Live in Silence

If you are trying to unwind after a hard day, having kids running around on the second floor of your home will make it very difficult if the floors are not fitted with carpet. Noise travels, but carpets can help absorb the sound so it is very difficult to hear when someone steps on it. If you are listening to music and you don’t want the neighbors or people living in your household to hear, carpets can help.

For those living in an apartment below another apartment, listening to the neighbors on a regular basis is often difficult to bear, especially if the floor is hard. However, if their apartment has carpets, it is very difficult to hear anyone moving around.


If you are shopping for new carpets, take your time when deciding what colors will go well in your home. Carpets can make your home look incredible, so try to avoid buying the first one you see. If you are investing in a carpet in a traditional store, consider asking the sales representative for advice on how to maintain the carpet. They might have products for sale that will work well with different fabrics and materials, so don’t hesitate to ask them questions before you spend your hard earned money.

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