Which metal roof panels are best for my home?

It seems as though the trend in roofing is quickly moving away from shingles to metal roofs. And that may be because metal roofing panels don’t cause homeowners any headaches by getting blown away during strong winds, as asphalt shingles are known to do. It seems as though today’s homeowners have become more discerning, preferring a roofing material that can withstand harsh weather events while delivering a product that lasts much longer. What’s more, these days, the options provided by metal roofs seem to be limitless. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of metals, like aluminum, steel, copper, zinc, and others. Metal can also come in a wide selection of colors and can be made to look like slate, tiles, or wood shingles or shakes. As you decide what type of metal roof would look the most attractive on your home, it is important to have some information so that you can be sure what metal roof panels would work best. Let’s have a look. 

Basic Facts on Metal Roof Panels 

As you warm up to the idea of having a metal roof, you may want to know more about the two basic types of metal panels: Exposed fastener or standing seam. 

Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Panels 

Exposed fastener metal roof panels refer to panels in which the fastener head remains visible once it has been installed. Since these fasteners get painted the same color as the rest of the roof, you should not worry about them sticking out in an unattractive way. 

In this type of roofing, overlapping metal panels are fastened directly to the roof deck or framed through the metal panel. These panels are generally 36 inches wide, representing a much lower labor cost. Also, you will require fewer panels to finish the project. These factors give this type of roof an advantage when it comes to installation and price. 

There are several types of panel shapes that also use the exposed fastener technique, each one providing homeowners with an attractive aesthetic option. 

Concealed Or Standing Seam Fastener Metal Roof Panels 

If you simply cannot stand the idea of having exposed fasteners on your roof, there are other metal panel roofing options available. Concealed fastener metal roof systems work by inserting a screw through a hidden clip or pre-punctured flange and then fastening it to the deck below. Once the first panel is in place, the next one simply snaps over the top. 

Another option that uses concealed fasteners calls for the use of a machine that physically seams the panels together as the installation progresses. Although these mechanically seamed metal panels offer greater strength to tolerate high winds, this option is more expensive and tends to be used only in coastal areas prone to hurricanes. 

The fact that concealed fasteners or standing seam roofs allow the panels to expand and contract depending on the temperature results in a roof that will last longer and suffer much less wear and tear than roofs with exposed fasteners. 

There are several options when it comes to standing seam metal roofs. And no matter which one catches your eye, you can be sure that your home will end up with a roof that will look great, last long, and improve the aesthetic appeal of the property. 



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