When to Use Foil Faced Insulation by Insulation4Less

Foil faced insulation reflects up to 95% of infrared rays that land on the roof and is highly efficient at retaining interior heat within the space, keeping living and working environments cool in summer and warm during cold winter days.

Insulation4Less, an online store for insulation solutions with 18 years of industry expertise, named foil faced insulation as one of the most effective solutions for homes and working spaces that face significant temperature fluctuations, noise, humidity, condensation, rodents, mold and mildew.

The foil layers reflect heat and block its way to the other side of the insulation material. This is especially beneficial in climates with extreme temperatures where foil faced insulation prevents outside heat from entering in summer and preserves the heat inside in winter, Insulation4Less team added. The foil is also resistant to rodents and does not allow the nesting of bugs and birds.

Additional benefits of foil faced insulation, according to the experts, include:

  • Keeping away termites and other pests
  • Blocking toxic gases like radon
  • Soundproofing in noisy areas like airport and industrial neighborhoods

According to Insulation4Less’ Founder Jonathan Barber, foil faced insulation contributes to a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient environment in commercial and residential buildings, from houses, storages and pole barns to medical institutions and offices.

“Foil faced insulation is an excellent way to improve building thermal performance and increase its energy efficiency,” Barber said.

“Its simple installation process and eco-friendly characteristics make it a preferred insulation option for both retrofitting and new constructions,” he added.

The most popular foil faced insulation options are Prodex, foil faced fiberglass, and reflective bubble reflective insulation.

Various foil faced insulation options are available on the Insulation4Less website.

About Insulation4Less

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Insulation4Less is an online store for insulation solutions for metal and non-metal buildings, pole barns and home structures such as walls, floors and roofs.


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