What To Do If You Lost Your Job to Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic had a negative impact on the economy and, as a result, many people lost their jobs. In the US, 9.8 million Americans were out of a job by November as compared to February earlier in the year. Other countries recorded a loss of jobs due to the pandemic as well.

Losing your job can be traumatic and not just because of the financial anguish it causes. It can take a toll on your relationships and emotional and mental health. Jobs offer us more than a way to make a living. They affect how we see ourselves and how others see us. Jobs offer a social outlet, purpose, and structure. Losing this in a flash can be depressing. If you have been let go because of the pandemic, then there are a few things you can do to get back on your feet. Follow these steps:

Adjusting Takes Time

Grieving is allowed when you lose your job. Don’t try to bottle your feelings, let it all out, and go easy on yourself. Allow yourself to take it all in, no matter how unpleasant it seems; with time the negative feelings will pass. You can also write your feelings down as a coping mechanism. Write everything you feel about being let go and things you wished you had done. This may be necessary to let out negative feelings.

The next step would be accepting reality. While you think about this, avoid wallowing in self-pity. Don’t dwell on the loss of the job or how it was unfair or the ways it could have been prevented. Accept what happened so you can move to the next phase of your life. Don’t beat yourself up about what happened. It is easy to criticize yourself but you must avoid doing so. It can affect your self-confidence and a lack of it will reduce your chances when searching for a new job. Remember that you lost your job because of the pandemic and not because you aren’t good enough.

Develop New Relationships

Sometimes, job loss could result in the loss of social networks and friendships from the workplace. However, don’t let this stop you from expanding your social network. Forming new relationships will help you to cope with the stress that comes from job loss and finding a new job. Don’t hide at home, come out, and build new friendships. Find people with similar interests as you—you may be surprised what you will find out about yourself. You can also join a book club, sports team, dinner club, or job club. Job seekers like yourself can be a source of encouragement to you. Some share links for job ads and skills training that can help. Jobtraininghub.com has some resources to help in this regard.

Networking is Essential

Many job openings never make it to the public; they are filled through networking. The entire concept of networking may seem difficult or intimidating, but it does not need to be. Even though you’re an introvert, you can still find ways to network as it will be instrumental in finding a job. Getting involved in your community may be a great way to start. Attend a local event, support your temple or church, mentor young people, or be more active politically.

Consider Learning New Skills

Since the outbreak persists, you may need to learn new skills to supplement the ones you have. You may consider web development and other skills needed in the tech industry. During the peak of the outbreak, the tech industry saw some growth, and experts predict a boom in the future. Computersciencehero.com has some tips to help you choose a path in software engineering. Jobtensor  also offers insights into the top IT skills and occupation trends. The best part about having these tech skills is that you can work remotely and still make a living.


Losing your job because of Covid-19 can be frustrating. However, you don’t need to beat yourself up about it or bottle it in. Grieve properly so you can move on to better things. Give yourself time to adjust and start networking as it can help you find a new job. Learning a new skill and sharpening the ones you already have can also help find your feet in your field or an entirely new one if you want. Try not to lose your self-confidence because it will help you land your next job.


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