What is Broad Spectrum CBD

CBD’s non-psychoactive health and wellness benefits have led to a rapidly increasing popularity of the herb in the past few years. Many people favour CBD for its natural healing properties, and its ability to relieve pain, anxiety and stress, symptoms of arthritis, depression, and feelings of nausea.

As our understanding of CBD continues to grow, you might have heard the phrase ‘broad spectrum CBD’ thrown around a few times, or, alternatively, ‘CBD isolate’. It’s easy to guess that these two types of CBD are distinguishable from one another, but in what way? If you’re interested to learn about broad spectrum CBD, take a look at the article below.

What is CBD?

Many people now know of CBD: that it is controversially derived from the cannabis plant, and it is said to boast multiple relaxation and healing properties. If you don’t know much more than that about the herb, it’s worth knowing that while it’s a cannabis compound, it is not related to THC, the compound that is known to give users a ‘high’. CBD offers only positive health benefits to the user, while lacking any of the properties that make THC widely illegal.

What is broad spectrum CBD?

If you’re looking to purchase CBD, you might have seen online product descriptions defining the product as ‘broad spectrum’ or ‘isolate’. Simply put, broad spectrum CBD contains all the other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, of which there are many. These include THC, CBN and CBG.

On the other hand, CBD isolate is purified CBD that has been separated from all of the other cannabinoids, making it a pure, CBD-concentrated solution.

Should I be worried about the THC content of broad spectrum CBD?

If you’re undecided about taking broad spectrum CBD because of its THC content, don’t be- it is only present in very low concentrations, usually only up to 0.3% in the whole product. You would require a much higher dose than that to even begin to feel the effects of the compound.

Why is broad spectrum CBD preferable?

CBD isn’t the only cannabis compound that delivers multiple benefits to the user. THC, for example, despite its psychoactivity, has been used for medicinal purposes for years, and is used for relief from pain and anxiety all around the world. CBC, another cannabinoid, has been found to shrink down the size of cancer cells. CBCA reduces inflammation.

Of course, there are still benefits of taking pure CBD oil, and if you would rather stick to the one compound, you will certainly still see positive changes to your health and wellbeing. However, when so many other cannabinoids inside the cannabis plant also offer benefits to treat a variety of ailments, it makes sense that they should be made use of as well.

A study has found that broad spectrum CBD is more effective when it is not fully concentrated, further backing up the benefits of combining with other cannabinoids. For more studies and information regarding the benefits of CBD, visit https://www.cbdresource.co.uk/.

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