What Damage Pests Cause to Commercial Buildings?

Anyone who has ever had any form of pest problem in their home will understand the nuisance it can cause. From minor pest problems where it was simply an inconvenience, to major infestations that required fumigation, pest concerns can cause a homeowner distress.

However, in the commercial world, things can be very different. There are many different factors to commercial buildings than there are to residential ones. There are employees to consider, and there are also clients and customers.

Then there is the structure of the commercial building itself. How would a pest infestation affect the actual building?

Pest control is a very serious issue for anyone in the commercial sector, and even more so in certain areas. Here is a short article on pest control concerns for commercial building owners.

What pests can cause problems in commercial buildings?

Technically, a commercial building could suffer from the same pests as a residential one could. Yet, there are some pests that are far more likely to set up shop within a home than they are in a commercial building.

The truth is, that commercial pest control takes into account a number of areas. Commercial pest control may be used as a prevention method by a business owner, or it could be used to tackle a problem quickly.

The pests that can invade commercial buildings are as varied as they are numerous. Everything from cockroaches to fleas to mice can be a concern for a commercial building tenant or owner.

Homeowners are more likely to suffer from other pests such as bed bugs or dust mites, but these can also be a problem within commercial buildings depending on the nature of the business.

In what way do these pests impact the commercial sector?

Some of the obvious businesses to suffer from pest control concerns are eating establishments, such as restaurants and public houses, and hotels or guesthouses.

The latter may be more likely to suffer from concerns such as bedbugs, while restaurants are more likely to be concerned with cockroaches and rodent issues. Any business dealing with food has to be heavily concerned with commercial pest control. And there have been numerous reports of multiple restaurants being closed down due to roach infestations.

When a restaurant closes due to a pest control issue, it can have serious implications for the business. Not only is there an immediate loss of revenue, but some businesses will never recover.

Any restaurant with a health and safety concern will attract the attention of the local inspectors. Signs of pest infestation can lead to an immediate closure if there is a serious problem. This can then lead to a huge loss in reputation for the business.

What should be done to prevent commercial buildings from being closed?

There is a notion that pest control experts are brought in once a problem has been discovered, however, they are also used for prevention.

In the commercial world, a pest control company will come in and assess the potential risks that your business has. There are ways to ensure that your new building is pest-proof. Once these have been established, a plan can be put into place to prevent any pest problem.

If, however, there is already a pest control issue, then the company can tackle this directly. With proper prevention and control though, many commercial businesses can function knowing that they are unlikely to ever have a pest concern.

Why is commercial pest control important?

As you have read above, there is the risk of reputational damage being made if pests are discovered on commercial premises. There is also the financial loss that can be had.

However, the problems with ignoring pest control go further and can have serious implications. Pests breed incredibly quickly, some such as termites grow into vast colonies.

While termites may not pose huge health implications, some other pests do. If there is a pest control problem in any business, then there are health risks to not only the customers but also the staff.

As a business owner, you have the obligation to look after the well-being of everyone that walks into your premises. This means your employees and your patrons. You could even risk being sued if someone became ill due to a pest infestation on your premises, especially if the problem was known to you and ignored.

Can pests cause structural or actual damage to commercial buildings?

You may already be well aware of the damage that termites are known to cause, but there are plenty of other pests that are common and can-do equal damage to buildings.

Cockroaches for instance are more likely to cause sanitation issues than actual damage, but rodents can provide a double whammy. A pest inspection is crucial in construction and can help to reduce the chances of their being entry points, especially to mice and rats.

Mice and rats can cause a large amount of damage to any building that they move into. They chew through cables, and they build nests inside wall cavities, destroying the insulation, and sometimes even gnawing through skirting boards.

In a commercial building, a rat problem can lead to sanitation and health concerns, but it could also present a fire hazard. Their known ability for chewing through electrical wiring means that there is a genuine risk of fire.

Also, having pests inside a building, especially ones that are causing damage can lower the value of the building. It is said that pests have damaged walls and piping within a building, which could lower the value by around 9%.


Commercial pest control works in a similar way to residential options but the implications of ignoring it can be very different. While having pests in the home can lead to damage and health problems, a commercial premise could be completely closed down due to pests.

Proper pest control is important in these situations, especially when it comes to protecting workers. Experts will minimize exposure to pesticides in the workplace and understand the best techniques to use in a commercial space.

One thing is certain with commercial pest control, prevention and assessment of the risks are far more preferable than suffering from a roach outbreak and being closed down.

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