What Are the Industrial Uses of Steel Shims?

Steel shims are a steel-based product with many industrial and construction-related uses. They can be used as spacers, insulation, or for leveling out uneven surfaces. 

Steel shims thickness varies. Steel shims come in various shapes, such as rectangular, triangular, and hexagonal. The most common form is the “L” shaped steel shim that can be cut into any length desired to fit your needs.

The cost of these products will depend on where you buy them from and how much you need at one time; however, a general rule of thumb is that the more you purchase at one time, the cheaper they become per unit price. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the industrial uses of steel shims. Steel shims are helpful in many ways:

Used as a Spacer

Since you can cut them into the length you need, this makes them ideal for keeping items separated from one another, such as in a warehouse or storage facility. 

They, for instance, prevent the hot and cold pipes from touching each other. The thickness of the steel shim makes it effective at insulating materials from coming into contact with each other.

Many people are already familiar with wood and plastic shims. This is due to the positive attributes which come from this, such as durability. This is why in the market there is more and more production with plastic and wood shims. 

When buying plastic Horseshoe Shims, it’s necessary to look for quality products to be durable. They come with their benefits, such as being more mechanically robust. It’s a reason why they have a use in industrial settings as spacers.

The Leveling Work

If there is a need to raise an object off the ground, you can use steel shims. The number of products needed will depend on how much space needs to be covered and how large or heavy the item is that needs to be raised. 

For instance, if one end of a cabinet is raised off the ground by 2 inches or more, then you need to place it under the object until level.

You may need to place multiple shims under the object if the level is not evenly distributed. Do this by using an even number of pieces by placing one shim on the object’s right side and another on the left side. If shims are level with each other, you’ll want to put another product entirely in front of it.

In the installation of Door Frames and Windows

Some doors do not come pre-hung and therefore require a door frame to be perfectly installed. This installation of a door frame is a job for a professional carpenter or framer. 

It is often more complicated than installing a window because of the numerous pieces that need to be well-assembled. The use of steel shims must also be considered when fitting the door frames, lest it may lead to gaps that permit drafts.

Steel shims are pivotal in installing metal framing that doesn’t have any wood studs on the initial site. 

Sometimes when a new door is installed, the hinges need to be adjusted to fit correctly. In some cases, this will not require any adjustment and can be done by using shims.

Steel shims are versatile and can be used for any number of purposes. They’re often helpful in construction or industrial settings, but they also come in handy when installing doors or windows. The plastic and wood shims are also much common despite the steel shims being relevant. However, checking the quality aspect before making a purchase is significant.

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