The Best Windows for Commercial Construction

Windows not only let light into buildings but also provide ventilation. Beyond these essential functions, different types of windows can be installed on commercial buildings. If you are the developer, contractor, or designer of a commercial building, one of the most significant decisions that you’ll have to make is the type of window to install on the property.

It’s vital to ensure that the window that you choose is not only functional but also blends perfectly with the building’s decorative style and architectural design. Selecting the most suitable windows for your commercial construction project starts with identifying the different types of windows that are available to you. Here are the best windows for commercial buildings.

Vinyl Windows

These are arguably the most widely used windows in new commercial construction projects. Vinyl windows are not only affordable but also energy-efficient and durable. They require little maintenance, something that appeals to property owners who wish to keep costs at minimal. Typically, vinyl windows come in white. As a result, your exterior and interior styling options are likely to be limited if you choose these windows. Fortunately, you can paint a vinyl window in a color of your choice.

Fiberglass Windows

When undertaking window installation, fiberglass windows are always a top choice for many commercial property developers. These windows are durable, secure, and aesthetically pleasing. Likewise, they neither expand nor contract when left exposed to weather elements. This is what causes air infiltration in most buildings. Therefore, fiberglass windows are the best choice for those who want to weatherproof their commercial buildings. Even though fiberglass windows cost more than vinyl windows or other options that you might have in mind, they have dozens of benefits, thus making them a worthwhile investment.

Aluminum Windows

If you are looking for low maintenance and affordable windows for your commercial buildings, make aluminum your go-to option. These windows have excellent strength that allows for large openings. Therefore, aluminum windows are excellent for commercial premises such as shops or cafes, which at times require large window openings. However, you need proper internal components in place since aluminum windows can make you incur high utility bills.

Aluminum-Clad Windows

These windows blend the benefits of aluminum and other components such as wood. For instance, you can benefit from the durability, weather-resistance, and strength of metal on the building’s exterior and the aesthetic properties of wood on the interior of the building. Nonetheless, aluminum-clad windows are generally more expensive than traditional aluminum windows.

Composite Wood Windows

If you are searching for windows that offer the traditional elegance and aesthetic appeal of real wood in your newly-constructed commercial building, look no further than composite wood windows. These windows provide you the stylish appearance of wood alongside the low-maintenance properties of vinyl and the sheer strength of metal. On the flip side, this advanced technology comes at a cost since composite wood windows are more expensive than other types of windows mentioned in this list.

What Are the Most Suitable Window Styles for Commercial Construction?

Before undertaking window installation, you should think about the specific purpose that you want the windows to serve on your newly-constructed commercial building. Generally, the ideal operation style of each commercial building varies from room to room. These are some potential applications for the different windows used in commercial construction.

Single-Hung/Double-Hung Windows

Arguably, these are the most prevalent window style used in commercial construction. They are ideal for any room in a commercial building.

Sliding Windows

Compared to single-hung or double-hung windows, sliding windows offer you a more extensive view of the building’s exterior. This makes them suitable for observatories or even shops.

Casement Windows

These windows are typically hinged, something that allows them to pivot outwards like doors. They are easy to operate, thus making them suitable for installation in most commercial buildings.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are often hinged at the top, and open outwards. On most commercial buildings, you will find these windows installed close to the ceiling to provide ventilation, but without compromising privacy. Awning windows are common in walk-in closets and bathrooms found in commercial buildings.

Geometric and Picture Windows

These windows are fixed, and therefore, they do not open. Likewise, they come in different shapes and sizes since their core purpose is to add light to a room while providing views of the exterior. Picture windows are common in vaulted ceilings and stairwells.

Bow and Bay Windows

It’s common to come across commercial buildings that have windows that project out from the foundation. These are known as bow or bay windows. They are installed for aesthetic purposes, and to make the basement useful.

Regardless of the type, or operation style of the window that you choose, it’s always important to evaluate your needs before making the final decision. This will go a long way in securing your investment.


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