Visual Connection with Nature Elevates Health

The value of views makes sense, since simply looking out a window at trees can decrease blood pressure and anxiety and depression symptoms, and viewing nature before a stressful event can actually improve the recovery period.

Choosing large format windows and doors that can maximize views, like Andersen’s E-Series that can be made to any shape and size and Liftslide glass doors that can reach 16-feet high, provide builders and general contractors a way to maximize the benefits of natural views.

Increased Daylighting Promotes Better Health 

While the exact choice of windows depends on specific site considerations, the benefits of increased daylighting include reductions in energy bills, increased health benefits, and higher levels of productivity.

Natural Materials Connect Indoors to the Environment While Elevating Indoor Quality 

Choosing a balance of natural elements, like incorporating wood and wood composite windows, offers more than just health benefits and perceived comfort. Natural materials intrinsically help achieve better indoor air quality by reducing the potential of volatile organic compounds and other indoor toxin emissions. By choosing wood windows that are energy efficient, heating and cooling costs can be reduced by 12 percent, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

Organic Shapes Bring the Feeling of Nature Indoors 

While it is easier and more cost-efficient to create homes with standard building elements, there is a benefit to using shapes that soften the visual environment and provide spatial variability.

Monotonous repetition of linear forms can feel boring, depressing and oppressive, according to a report from The University of Texas. One way to incorporate natural shapes is through arched or round windows, creating spatial variability, and specifying a variety of window sizes and types throughout a home.

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