Uses Of A Propane Flame Torch

A blow torch or propane torch refers to a fuel-burning tool that is used for applying heat and flame to a variety of applications. Gases like hydrocarbon gas and propane are used by these gas-fueled devices. Today we are going to take a look at some fields in which a propane flame torch is used.

  • Repairing Driveways

You can burn away the weeds growing in your driveway using a propane flame torch. For doing this you will simply have to run the torch carefully along the cracks without burning plants, grass, or flowers. Once your driveway is completely free of weeds, you can opt for a joint filler and melt it into place with the propane torch asphalt. Usually, the joint fillers are pretty inexpensive and can be applied easily. All you need to do is clear out the existing debris, place the filler and run the torch across.

  • Loosen Nuts & Bolts

Automotive parts have nuts and bolts become sticky on being continuously exposed to external elements. Rust buildup can make it difficult to remove the nuts and bolt over time. Heat radiated by a propane flame torch expands the metal and breaks free of the rust. You just have to hold the torch over a prolonged period on the affected region and ultimately use a wrench to turn it. While using the propane flame torch, you should always wear a pair of gloves and ensure that there is no flammable liquid nearby.

  • Create Trellis

Creating trellis for your lawn and garden becomes extremely easy if you have the right set of tools and a flame torch handy. You will just require the fittings, copper piping, and wire for putting together the trellis in your desired style. The connections will have to be soldered so that they stay in place. You can easily undertake a DIY trellis project without having to worry about making mistakes as the plants, flowers, and vines can easily camouflage the faults.

  • Removing Old Paint

Intense heat coming out of a torch softens the paint so that you can scrape it away easily. However, the application of heat also tends to soften the surface underneath the paint and thus you need to be cautious about not using flammable materials like wood as that increases fire hazards.

  • Seal Ends Of A Nylon Rope

We often have to deal with the frustration of the edges of a nylon rope falling apart once we cut it. Fusing them using a flame torch can be a great way of keeping the ends together. Running a torch over the rope end melts the nylon so that you can lock individual pieces together. This utility can also be availed for cutting holes in landscaping fabric and allowing plants to grow. A hand-held torch can also be used in the following avenues:

  • Shaping jewelry for bracelets, necklaces, or rings.
  • Heating frozen shut locks.
  • Cooking salmon, sliced tuna, and similar fishes to perfection.
  • Distress Surfaces

Running a flame torch over wooden or metal surfaces can impart an aged look to the same for the much-loved vintage feel. However, you need to be cautious about not lingering the torch over the same place for long as it takes just a few seconds for altering the surface. Just move the flame torch slowly across the surface until you can nail the rustic look you desire.

Final Words

It is advisable to work outside with a hose when using the torch on wood and similar flammable materials. In this way, you can extinguish the fire if any accident happens. To keep things on the safer side, you can check with the local fire authorities regarding whether you need to take a permit for undertaking the same. You also need to make sure of taking proper safety precautions in the form of gloves, eye protection, mask, and appropriate clothing.

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