Useful Tips To Save Energy This Summer

The past year has seen many of us mostly cooped up inside our homes. Because of the lockdowns, we’re bound to be using our electronic devices more often. Whether that’s while you work, or just because you’re binging the latest Netflix hit, it’s natural to leave the likes of laptops, phones, televisions, routers and even printers turned on in the background.

The guide offers some of the best energy-saving tips and advice to help households reduce their consumption and become more energy-efficient, such as

·  Turning off your radiators when not in use

·  Trying to make the most of natural light by setting up your office in the room that gets the most daylight

·  Swapping to energy-saving bulbs

There are also some basic energy-saving tips, like

·  Use a kettle instead of a pan when boiling water

·  Opt for a shower instead of a bath

·  Bleed your radiators every so often to keep them running effectively

·  Remember you boiled the kettle to make use of the hot water while it still has heat

·  Wash the laundry at 30 degrees Celsius

·  Use a clothesline to dry your clothes

·  Compare energy suppliers

To learn more about useful tips to save energy, here is the full guide:

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