Unispace Announces Plans for Workplace of the Future

Unispace, a global leader in workplace strategy, design and construction, announced its new concept for workplace design in the age of COVID-19 and beyond.  The Propeller Office model, designed to propel businesses forward, combines the best of working from home and the best of working from the office to enhance the experience and create balance for both locations. This will be increasingly important as the changes in behaviors and mindset in the context of the workplace is likely here to stay post-pandemic.

“We know that work modes, such as focus, collaborate, learn and socialize, as they relate to a physical workplace are now rendered obsolete. With new parameters in place, workspaces could remain unoccupied as much as 80 percent of the time post-COVID” said Albert De Plazaola, Global Director – Strategy. “This does not mean the office is now irrelevant, but it does mean that the value of the office has changed. Moving forward, the office will exist to satisfy our social and collaboration needs, functioning as an idea and revenue generator, while our home office will provide us with the opportunity to focus and learn.”

The Propeller Office model focuses much less on the individual desk and finding focus space, as employees can now do this at home with the correct set up. Instead the office will revolve around those experiences that satisfy our social desires, and reinforce brand, culture, innovation and problem solving. This will balance out the issues of replanning desks in the short term and allow employees to return to the office for its best benefits, and not because they are forced to be there for the sake of their manager’s need to measure their presence.

As a result, the Propeller Office will also see a reduction in space needed as the single desks that dominate the office are predominantly at home. However, the cost per square meter/foot will likely increase as the space types are more built out and include better technology.

“Workforce needs have changed, and work patterns have shifted,” continued De Plazaola. “If we are to find success in this new reality, our approach to the physical office will need to evolve to adjust to the ‘next normal’ and absorb what we have learned during this crisis.”

About Unispace: Unispace is a global strategy and design firm with integrated project construction services that is disrupting the status quo through a revolutionary approach to workplace design. Unispace works hand-in-hand with clients to understand their mission, culture, employee needs, workflow and business goals, and then uses that knowledge to design a customized workplace that maximizes productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction and health. Founded in 2010, Unispace now has 46 studios in 25 countries in North America, South America, EMEA and APAC. Visit www.unispace.com for more information.


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