Understanding Truebill

Did you know that about 84% of Americans are not aware of the amount they spend each month on subscription services? That is why an app like Truebill is becoming a household name in America. Truebill, in particular, is an app that helps you achieve two things, cancel your unused subscriptions and lower your bills. It saves you the time and hassle of manually going through your bank transactions and credit statements to change your financial behavior.

How to Know If You Need Truebill

While this app is excellent in saving money on subscriptions and bills, it works best for certain people. Here is a discussion on people who need Truebill most:

People with Several Monthly Payments

If you are subscribed multiple memberships and automated payments and your time is limited, then Truebill is a useful tool. It can help you identify and cut back on anything that is not a vital service.

People Who Find It Hard To Cancel Memberships

Subscriptions and memberships can often feel like a trap. Once you get in, you won’t find it easy to leave. The process to unsubscribe takes long and is tedious as you have to make in-person visits, make several phone calls, or even write letters. Truebill does not give you a 100% guarantee that they will cancel every one of your unwanted memberships. However, they have and continue to help clients get out individual subscriptions and memberships that previously were not easy to end.

People who find it challenging to maintain a strict budget

Truebill gives you access to its budgeting tool on all subscription levels. With that, you can always keep monthly track of how you spend, what you pay for, and the amounts you spend on specific things. It helps you learn your spending patterns so that you can make better financial decisions in the future.

Who does not need Truebill?

While this app is excellent in helping you budget and saves money, it cannot help you in certain areas. You won’t need Truebill if:

You Are Struggling To Pay Your Monthly Bills

While the Truebill app is great at what it does, it ultimately will not get you out of paying your monthly bills. It is not an ideal app if you accumulate late payment penalties, especially with the 40% that Truebill charges for its services. Instead, it would be better if you alternative ways to made payment plans with companies directly.

Features of Truebill

The following are what to expect when you sign up on the Truebill App:

Categorize Your Spending

Truebill will help you track your bills and expenditures in an organized way. It can categorize your expenses and tailor these categories into a simpler form that enables you to understand where your money goes.

The app synchronizes your expenses from your financial institutions each month. That way, you gain insight into your financial outflow. It will also help identify what should be canceled and what to maintain.

Negotiates Bills on Your Behalf

The chances are that you are overpaying on your automatic subscriptions. For example, most people do not look that much into their insurance bills or telephone statements, and they do not know how much they are paying.

Truebill will look into such bills and negotiate on your behalf. No more making a series of calls or visiting offices to check on why you are paying more.

Cancels Unused Subscriptions and Memberships

It is very challenging to keep track of the memberships and subscriptions you sign up for. Truebill analyzes your automatic payments and prompts you to decide which ones to cancel and which ones to maintain.

Downtime Refunds

If you are using services like the internet, Truebill will keep records of downtimes and ask for monetary refunds on your behalf. The app calculates the lost hours due to the outage. If it successfully negotiates for a refund, you will pay them 40% of the money you get.

Premium Chat Support

Truebill has an ever-present customer service team. You can always speak with someone at Truebill using the Premium chat feature. Here you have the freedom to air your views, complaints, and even compliments.

Other Truebill features include;

  • Pay Advance
  • Overdraft protection
  • Free credit score


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