Tree Pruning and Its Importance

Your local tree service contractor will most likely recommend pruning when they come to assess your entire yard. We get many questions from our customers about tree pruning and its benefits to trees. There are different techniques and approaches involved in the process of pruning, depending on your goal outcome. In this post, our experts will tell you precisely what pruning is and why it is essential to the general welfare of your trees.

Deadwood Pruning

One of the many types of pruning is deadwood pruning. This is a process where the arborist gets rid of dead, diseased, or dying branches from the tree. Deadwood pruning is also known as crown cleaning, as the objective is to eliminate branches that can endanger you and your property. This type of pruning can also help significantly in improving the look of your tree.

Crown Lifting

Your local tree company will suggest crown lifting if your trees are hovering over pedestrians, walkways, or streets. Crown lifting generally eliminates branches at the lower half of the tree’s crown for clearance. This technique is helpful because it allows passersby to walk safely by your home without worrying about getting hurt by falling branches.

Crown Thinning

The process of cutting branches from the crown is called crown thinning. This technique leaves the natural shape of the tree intact. Its main goal is to improve air circulation and increase light penetration for better health.

Why Is It Essential to Prune Young Trees?

Skillful pruning is integral for a tree’s health, particularly for young ones. If you want your young trees to grow in the right manner without causing unnecessary stress down the road, pruning should be on your to-do list. Professional pruning can assist a young tree in establishing a sound and strong structure. When a tree is pruned at an early age, it requires less and less corrective pruning as it matures.

Tree pruning is an opportunity to identify safety hazards such as dead or broken limbs in your tree.

  • It boosts the health of your trees by allowing air and sunlight to circulate and penetrate.
  • It gives clearance for cars, people, and other structures in the area.
  • It can help establish the structural integrity of your tree, mainly in the young ones.
  • Pruning can promote better health and appearance in your trees by eliminating unwanted and dead branches and limbs.

Joliet, Illinois Top Tree Service Company

If you are looking to prune your trees, but you don’t know who to call, this is your lucky day! Joliet Tree Service Pros, 210 S Reedwood Dr, Joliet, IL 60436, 815-270-5585, is the team you need to provide you with complete and safe tree care services worth your time and money. We are secured with a license and insurance to protect you from any legal and financial obligations. We bring professional tree care, including:

Tree Removal – When you begin to see dead or dying branches in your tree, maybe it is high time to remove them. You may have a chainsaw and a rope in your toolbox, but we encourage you not to perform the task independently. Independence Tree Service will take care of everything, including all necessary permits, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free tree removal project.

Tree Trimming – You can do something about the wellness and aesthetics of your trees. Tree trimming can improve not only the physical appearance of your tree but also increase its lifespan by removing dead and dying branches.


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