Top Tips Creating DIY Backyard Playground For Kids

Every parent has taken their children to the local park and then found themselves faced with one of two problems: 

  1. The park is too busy 

There are certain times of day when everyone decides to head to the park with their kids. If you happen to turn up at one of these times when your child is going to struggle to play on all the things they want to. 

  1. Your child is screaming at leaving time 

It’s even worse when they can use the swings and slides then you tell them it’s time to leave. Children don’t worry about what others think, especially when they are having a tantrum because you want to leave. 

Neither scenario is an attractive option but you know that your children love the park. The good news is that you can resolve both issues by building your own DIY backyard park. It’s easier than you think. 

Location First 

Most people start out by deciding what pieces of equipment they want to build or add. However, your first decision must be where is the best spot to locate the park in your yard. Ideally, it should have shade in the hottest part of the day, be in an area that’s not used for much else, and be easily visible from where you like to sit.  

Deciding the space means you know how much area you’re going to cover and what you can fit in. 

Clear The Ground 

 If you’re going to do it properly you need to remove the topsoil. This prevents weeds from growing in the play area and prepares the ground for rubber playground flooring. While you could just use the grass, rubber flooring absorbs most of the shock, reducing the likelihood of your child being injured if they fall. 

It’s worth investing in, you can lay it yourself or get professional help. 

Add Play Equipment  

The above approach quickly gives you a safe base for your DIY playground. Now all you have to do is decide what equipment fits in the space you have available. The best approach to this is to look at which items your child likes playing with the most and add them. 

Of course, you also need to decide if you are going to make the structures from scratch yourself or if you’re better off purchasing a playset as a kit and simply putting it together. 

Your decision will be based on your DIY capabilities and the time you have available. It’s generally cheaper to build something yourself. But, you’ll need to be confident in your abilities. That means designing the item and building it so that your child can safely play in their own backyard park. 

Final Thoughts 

You’ll get a lot of satisfaction seeing your child or children playing in their DIY playground. But, remember that they may love it so much that they want their friends to visit. You may suddenly have a yard full of kids! 











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