Top 5 Tips For Promoting Architectural Design Firm

If you own an architectural design business, 2021 is a great year to scale your company quickly. New statistics released by the Q4 2020 Global Construction Survey indicate that the construction industry is likely to grow by an astounding 15.6% to reach US$ 1,515,659.4 million in 2021. Further, mortgage rates will continue to remain low through the year providing incentives for more people to buy real estate and build their homes. This is the ideal time to boost your online and offline presence and attract the maximum of clientele with robust marketing strategies. Here’s a quick look at your options.

Give Your Website a Makeover

Considering that your website is your company’s digital storefront, you’ll need to ensure that it has the maximum impact on visitors searching for architects online. You’ll incorporate visual aids like hi-def images and videos to show off the projects you’ve successfully completed in the past. Also, rework the website to include keywords that will attract your target audience. For instance, if you work in the corporate sector designing buildings for offices and commercial premises, you’ll infuse keywords that clients are likely to use when searching for great architects in their city.

Design Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Social media has become an essential tool for building a credible online presence. Since architecture is all about visuals, you’ll design posts for publishing regularly on sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Create a blend of images and content to advertise projects in the pipeline with video clips walking viewers through the key design elements. You’ll also publish information and updates relevant to your industry to establish your company as an authority in the field. Joining Facebook architecture groups will help you connect with potential clients through pages dedicated primarily to the niche services you provide.

Explore Old Leads While Looking for New Clients

Every lead is valuable even if the client decided to opt out of the project at the last minute. When editing your list of leads, resist the impulse to delete these names. Understand that construction and renovation projects typically require substantial financial investment, and people may undertake projects once circumstances improve. Send out email queries regularly about their thoughts on resuming the project after considering it. Weekly updates of the events happening at the company and architect Christmas cards is an excellent way to remind clients of your presence. Eventually, they’ll contact you with their own projects or recommend your firm to their friends.

Adopt Technology for Higher Conversion Rates

The field of architecture is a visual sphere where clients like to visualize their residential and business premises before finalizing the plans. Up until a few years ago, architects relied on sketches, portfolios, and models to describe their concepts. However, in the digital age, you would want to adopt 2D and 3D imagery and software pitches to create virtual spaces that clients can not just look at but actually experience.

Invest in the Latest Gadgets Out There

Impress clients and keep up with the competition by investing in the latest gadgets in the market. Change color schemes and design elements with a few clicks to give clients a detailed overview of the final product. Invest in devices like VR Goggles, Pocket Projectors for on-site demonstrations, and a Portable Color Digitizer to a more accurate estimate of how colors and textures will look. You should also get a 3D pen to create realistic models on the spot.

Prep your architecture design business for success in 2021 by investing in the best advertising strategies and technology to impress clients and snag projects.

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