Top 5 Benefits of Synthetic Turfs

Yeah, sure, having a lush natural garden is a dream of many.

But with the rising costs of practically everything, don’t you want to enjoy seeing some green in your backyard that won’t put a massive dent in your pocket?

That’s what Synthetic Turfs are for!

Check out these five benefits that synthetic turfs offer.

1.  Reduction in Water Costs

Honest question, if it came down to having enough water to shower vs. watering your luxury garden, which one would you choose?

No doubt, maintaining a natural garden requires a lot of water. And with average temperatures currently on the rise, you might want to reconsider investing in a real one.

So how do artificial turfs differ?

An artificial turf lawn requires an occasional rinse to prevent odors and a build-up of dust. Otherwise, artificial turfs need no water and are ideal for areas in which drought conditions can be severe.

Plus, synthetic turfs require a deep clean only twice a year! Think about all the money you’ll be saving!

2.  Low Maintenance

You might like watching nature documentaries on TV.

A cricket or a ladybug will look beautiful on screen, but how about having insect infestations in your backyard lawn?

The insects won’t stop till every leaf is gone. So, have in mind to save up for insect sprays.

Plus, if you’re saving on water, the color of the grass will eventually become brownish and dull.

Not only that, but mowing, weeding, and seeding are all part of maintaining your natural lawn.

Many homes, businesses, golf courses, and public spaces have chosen synthetic turfs to provide a rich, attractive landscape solution that requires minimal maintenance while saving millions of gallons of water each year. Putting green turf is not only maintenance-free but also eco-friendly!

So join the crowd, and vote for synthetic!

3.  No Pesticides

Did you know recurrent exposure to pesticides can cause dizziness, rashes, blindness, and even death?

Keeping control of your insect population can be difficult. If you overuse pesticides, it will be at the detriment of your health.

Stick to synthetic turfs. You won’t face this problem at all!

4.  Reduction in Cost on Garden Equipment

A lawnmower, a rake, a hand weeder, a trimmer, a hose, a lawn spade…

Need to mention more?

You need to buy all of this equipment if you wish to maintain a natural lawn.

Not to say having artificial grass will cost you zero, but the difference in long-term costs is vast.

5.  Pet-Friendly

Using a natural lawn for your pets will tire you in the long run.

With all the constant digging that dogs do, you will have to keep up with their continuous disruption!

Furthermore, if your pets use the lawn as a toilet, be prepared to gaze at ugly brown grass very soon. The culprit behind this discoloration is none other than ammonia found in urine.

On the contrary, artificial grass can be easily cleaned with a hose and mild detergent.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about any gaping holes in your lawn since most turfs have tough exteriors!

Get Your Turf Now!

Whether you want a safe playground for the kids or an effortless lawn for your pet, buying synthetic turf will pay off in the long run.



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