TikTok And Its Digital Well-being Tool

With over 800 million active monthly users, the application is the world’s sixth-largest online community. TikTok is also the most popular app worldwide during 2020, with 750+ million downloads that year, and has gained momentum significantly in just two years. TikTok is a China app launched in 2018 and has been in the industry for 2 years. It is currently available in over 150+ countries. Marketers of this platform have reached out to users in 75+ languages. In China, almost 40+ million individuals are using this application regularly, accounting for 80% of monthly views, while India contributes 10% of registered subscribers. In addition, around a third of the world’s cell phones have installed TikTok at least once.

Though India and China are TikTok’s biggest employers, Brazil is a new and rapidly rising market. That application is installed 9.5+ million times there anyway, as per a well-researched survey. The application has over 7.5 million users in Brazil. Having 30 billion active monthly users, the United States seems to be another prospective market for this application, accounting for 5 percent of the entire audience. Nearly 50 percent of respondents are between the ages of 18 and 24, with another 27% falling into the 14 to 17-year-old category. Females account for 60% of users, while males account for 40%. The application is highly rated by users and also has a large user base.

Why Did TikTok Introduce Its Digital Wellness Aspects?

The fame of this application is growing by the day, and a significantly increased number of teenagers are using it. As per a comprehensive census, the estimated average time spent by teenagers was 45 minutes. In addition, TikTok obsession became common among them, causing a great deal of diversion from their schoolwork. Prolonged screen time in children leads to a variety of physical and mental health issues. Although the application focuses on buying TikTok likes, it rather shows more concern towards the user’s well-being.

These are all the factors that necessitated taking decisive action to combat the increasing addiction amongst teens. As a result, TikTok has taken a step toward addressing this issue by adding new family safety & technological well-being measures. Such features find things more straightforward for everybody to keep an eye on the kids’ TikTok actions, and they’re simple to use. In addition, because of TikTok’s explosive popularity and obsession, they’ve had to offer TikTok digital well-being tools like Direct Message Control, Restriction Mode, and Screen Time Management.

  • Restriction Mode: The restrict option is helpful since it relieves parents of concerns about the information their kids would encounter on TikTok because they can now quickly find what they view. The restricted mode ensures that the content displayed on TikTok is appropriate for the toddler or user’s demographic.


  • Direct Message Control: The other tool is direct message control, which allows you to keep track of all private messaging practices on your kid’s account. You can restrict the number of persons who can communicate with your child and regulate the texts. You can also turn off the app’s direct texting feature completely. These tools are as effective as Trollishly, which helps the users with various social media services and packages.


  • Screen Time Management: This screen time management technique aids in maintaining the individual’s screen time on the application. You may limit your kid’s screen time on their gadgets, preventing them from accessing TikTok excessively. Not just that, but it’ll also provide you a warning message to take periodic offline breaks, as well as suggest offline activities to your toddlers to engage in. You can activate all or some of the three aspects of the app’s digital well-being stages and then relax about your kid accessing TikTok because you’ll be capable of monitoring their activity on the app. You can also receive alerts and notifications.

What Are The Steps To Disable The App’s Digital Wellbeing Elements?

By launching the app, users can disable the application’s digital well-being elements. First, you’ll be taken to the ‘For you’ page, where you ought to log in with the login information for whichever you intend to make changes. Then, in the lower right-hand corner of the page, tap on the person symbol. Then select the gear symbol to access settings; next, scroll to the bottom to find the umbrella icon with digital well-being options. You’ll be prompted to enter your old passcode to access the settings, after which you can move down to disable the TikTok digital well-being tool. You may easily control your infant’s daily actions by following the above simple procedures to disable and enable the TikTok digital well-being settings on their profile.

Final Thoughts

TikTok is a popular social networking app popular among adolescents. This medium is increasing the gadget usage of children by creating even more diversions among minors. As a result, you should take decisive action to avoid or manage this circumstance. It can be done with TikTok digital well-being management. TikTok is the most awesome app for engaging you with the help of internet and phone usage. One can decide how long they can spend on the phone’s screen or improve the strategic schedule for it. Users can even disable the app if they believe that creating plans isn’t assisting your TikTok obsession. If you haven’t tried these options on the app, try to know better about TikTok.



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