Three Tips to Give Your Home a Quick Makeover


The exterior of your house is of great importance when it comes to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. It gives pleasure to visitors when they visit the neighborhood, and definitely gives you something nice to return to each day. Regardless of if your property is a traditional one or one with a more modern design, there are various tweaks that can be made to help improve the potential sale price of your home, so do give your options a thought. For example, if you have ever wanted an open-concept home, the experts at window installation dallas recommend bigger window panes for more natural light.

On the more minor side of things, it could be smaller changes such as a new coat of paint, or perhaps some new lights for your porch. If you’re looking at a more drastic change, it could include building a new wing to the house, a change in the landscape of your yard or perhaps knocking over the house for a complete rebuild.

Keen to explore the different ways you can give your house a makeover? Scroll on for the tips that we have curated!

1.   Replace Your Windows

Just like how the eyes are often said to be a window to your soul, the windows of your home can be likened to its eyes. Done together with an overall redesign, it can drastically alter the whole look and feel of your property.

Feel free to choose from the various types of windows available, be they a floor to ceiling window, or those that open up. There are various choices you can make without having to obtain planning permission. However, you should note that windows and doors for a traditional property should be chosen with care if your aim is to retain the authentic style of that period. On the contrary, if you’re looking to give your home a more contemporary feel, go for metal-framed windows or doors. These help to create a statement look for your home.

For the former choice, it is likely to cost you anywhere between $600 to $800 per window, including the fitting of it. If you don’t have that high of a budget, consider going the DIY way where you buy the windows directly from a manufacturer and fit them yourselves. This would likely set you back at most $350 per window. Do note that all replacement windows have to be in compliance with building regulations. This would mean you must submit an application to the local authorities, which often involves a fee payable. If this is too much of a hassle or if the price works out to be the same as using a FENSA registered installer, consider going for the latter option as FENSA registered installers can self-certify their work, which could save you a bit on the fees paid to the authorities.

2.   Get a New Door or Refurbish Your Current One

Be it buying a brand new door or giving your existing front door a new coat of paint, doors are an easy and cheap way of improving the look of your home.

If your property is located within an area where all homes more or less look the same, you should try to match your new door to those of properties around yours. In fact, this may be regulated if your property is under the jurisdiction of a Home Owners’ Association! There are doors available that closely resemble traditional doors, so choices are available if you are looking for something which looks traditional but which incorporates modern technology such as digital locks. Changing a door is likely to cost you anywhere between $600 to $2000, so if budget is a concern, consider giving your current door a fresh coat of paint instead.

If you are looking for curb appeal, consider painting your door blue, lilac, or purple— all of which are colors associated with calmness and prosperity, and which appeal to visitors. For those looking to impress potential buyers, go for black or grey. Both colors are chic and elegant.

3.   Replace Your Roof

The roof of your house may actually be its most dominant feature, especially if you live in a bungalow. By changing the shape or the texture of your roof, the appearance of your property will be greatly transformed. Of course, we admit that this isn’t an easy job, nor is it cheap, so only do this if you are looking at a major overhaul of your home.

Many people only change their roofs as part of an extension building project within the home, or if they are looking to improve the home’s insulation or converting a loft. While replacing the roofs does not require planning permissions, you must remember to add roof insulation in the process in order to meet building regulations.

As a general rule of thumb, traditional houses won’t look good if you go for low roofs which typically look more modern. If your house is of a traditional look, consider something of a more appropriate style. This would also affect the usable space beneath your roof, which justifies the cost of roof replacement. Given that it may not be the most economically sound decision to replace a roof that is inappropriate, consider disguising it instead. A trick used by the Georgians in the days of yore, use a steep-pitched front-facing gable built using identical material to your exterior walls to change the way your roof looks.

It is essential that you maintain your roof well, especially if you live in a period property. If your roof is moss-covered, consider using a pressure washer to spruce up the roof and instantly freshen up the look of your house. This might likely be the cheapest option as well, given that a change of roof coverings will cost you anywhere between $40 to $80 per square meter.


Having read through the three curated tips, do give it some thought as to whether or not you should spruce up your home. Home improvement projects don’t necessarily need to cost a lot of money, so do give our tips a thought if you are looking to freshen up your home!

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