Five Most Common Types of Construction Accidents

The construction industry has the reputation of being one of the most dangerous fields to work in. According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one in five workers dies during their construction job.

For a construction business, the safety of its workers has to be of utmost importance. To illustrate the significance of worksite protection, we have a list of the most common types of accidents on construction sites.


Construction workers often perform their tasks standing at a considerable height from the ground, such as on scaffoldings, rooftops, and ladders. Accidents can occur from the negligence of safety rules, including lack of guardrails, fault pieces of equipment, and weak walkways.

The injuries that one sustains from these falls could be major or minor, resulting in even deaths. As you can guess, most of these injuries will need expensive treatment and rehabilitation.

Falling Objects

Construction materials, tools, or spare parts are always transferred from one level to another. Any of these objects could fall and strike a worker who is on the ground. This could be an accident, happening due to miscommunication or mishandling.

This constant risk of falling objects is the reason why Hard Hats are mandatory on a construction site. However, wearing the safety gears alone is not sufficient – it is best to take all precautions to prevent them in the first place.


Electrocutions lead to the deaths of hundreds of construction workers every year. Contact with exposed wired, falter machinery, and electrically charged metal objects are the common causes of such accidents.

Construction workers are not always made aware of the minimum clearance distances from power sources that warrant their safety. Not only electricians, all workers involved in the project have to be educated regarding electrical safety.

Slips and trips

Construction sites can always contain all kinds of materials lying around. It is not uncommon for workers to trip over objects or slip on oil or greatest. The only way to address this is to ensure that all walkways are clear of obstructions. Although obvious, slippery surfaces are often overlooked.

Protection for Construction Workers

Contractors and employers are responsible for ensuring that all necessary safety measures are in place for the protection of workers. If you encounter an on-site accident, you are entitled to compensation from your employer. In case the employer is unwilling to pay, employees can file for a Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit to receive the benefits according to the rules in place.

The growing number of construction site accidents has prompted the government to implement safety regulations and fall protection on all sites. However, even with the best defenses, accidents can always happen. Construction works must concern themselves with their own safety and that of others.





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