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Los Angeles based developer/consulting firm The Code Solution ( recently announced that it would be deploying its patent-pending hygiene and sanitation systems in their current building projects, and all future housing construction. Utilizing a comprehensive series of well-organized approaches, the goal is to create a completely pathogen-free environment for residents. This is achieved by using pathogen-resistant materials such as wall paint, flooring, copper alloy railings, HEPA-filtered ventilation, and other methods that make the building resistant to future viral or bacterial outbreaks. The Code Solution is the only developer in the U.S. with a full-scale sanitization and anti-pathogen, operational safety building protocol currently in production.

“Our living spaces are our castles, our safe havens,” said Thomas Bailey. “We need to be able to go home and know that we are protected and healthy. But as this latest pandemic has proven, germs follow us home – they’re difficult to escape. And that problem is exacerbated in large-scale housing facilities like apartment complexes and retirement centers. That’s why we developed an entire system of protocols and preventative building-design measures that can be added to any building project. Employing a series of technologies that use anti-pathogenic surfaces, hands-free operation and access designs to the building, in addition to installing a range of pathogen-killing equipment in key locations, we can significantly reduce the risk for future infections and community spread. We can keep residents, along with their families and visitors, safer.”

The sanitization systems and protocols can be scaled up or down, depending on the project involved. But a typical apartment and senior home units would be equipped with full A.I. voice-command systems, along with various sanitizing fixtures and equipment. The A.I. allows control of basic functions like lighting, appliances, air conditioning and window shades. While fixtures are outfitted with nano spray, with hand-sanitizer dispensers mounted at the entry wall, and UV-sterilization technologies for other areas. Other prominent features include, but are not limited to: a sanitizing cabinet, Styler-steam clothing care system, sanitizing towel hangers, disinfecting kitchen equipment, UV-sterilized toothbrush holders, UV lights on toilet bowls, a saline solution humidifier, and state-of-the-art water filtration systems.

To learn more about The Code Solution and its in-depth plan to construct safer, germ-free housing units, follow them on social media: FacebookInstagram.

About The Code Solution

The Code Solution is a multi-disciplinary firm that offers a complete suite of services for every phase of single-family, multi-family and commercial real estate development. As a real estate development service provider, The Code Solution delivers development strategy consultation, architectural design, entitlements, expediting, financing options, and construction management. Learn how easy it is to streamline your project with a single, convenient point of contact:


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