The Cryptocurrency Exchange Summit Latam is one of the most influential events in Latin America that promotes the cryptographic environment, incorporating current and best strategic allies for this new meeting in 2022. 

The event is in its sixth edition, which will be held at the Panama Convention Center from July 6 to 8 of this year, and will have the participation of more than 100 exhibitors, national and international, and will bring together more than 30 companies, through conferences and training that cover and discuss points about bitcoin and crypto-assets. 

According to information issued by the organizing committee of the Blockchain Summit LatAm 2022, the new allies have joined to encourage new technologies, the blockchain environment, and in the same way, strengthen and turn Panama into a strategic space for digital and technological connection in the region. 

Fundamentals of the blockchain event SUMMIT LATAM 2022 

This event is a projection to provide information, study, analysis, and update on the day-to-day organization of the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Thanks to the tremendous support of several recognized organizations to carry out this event and reflect the positive impact that it will mark in the industry of the country and Latin America in general. 

Some of the brands and companies that are part of the event as main sponsors have the hidden foundation of Algorand Blockchain Technology; Bitget And Binance, The Most Famous International EXCHANGE PLATFORMS, 

The World’s Most Influential Digital Payment Network Visa, Open Source Web Browser, Blockchain Network For Mobile Organization Celo, And Asset Broker Exness. 

Scope of the blockchain SUMMIT LATAM 2022 

Blockchain Summit Latam has been seen as more than a conference; it is an ecosystem that brings together entrepreneurs, programmers, organizations, institutions, controllers, and ingenious Blockchain technology from Latin America and the world based on the development and implementation of this technology in the region, to together obtain security and shelter, based on value and reliability. 

Great Latin American and other intellectuals met, which provided the opportunity to observe and study the current regional environment and what the future may present us, based on the potential of Latin America for the adoption and implementation of Blockchain security technology and Crypto assets. 

It is a pride for the Chamber of Digital Commerce and Blockchain of Panama to lead the organization of events of this magnitude in the country, which makes us known as a reference in the region, where the development and implementation of blockchain technology gain greater importance Panama. 

A strategic location for trade and a financial medium for Latin America, this event will present a gallery of artists focused on the NFL, where Latin Americans’ works will stand out. In addition, practical workshops will be held where each exposed topic shows a part of creation and development to work. 

This fabulous Blockchain Summit LatAm event will be held with the sponsorship of the Tourism Promotion Fund and the support and collaboration of different State entities. 

In addition, the organizers expect to enter many more outstanding sponsors to the event, including global financial services, trade, and electronic payment organizations, local and international banking entities, and other government organizations. 


Blockchain technology is the most implemented in the cryptographic world; thanks to it, these platforms are highly secure in terms of 

Data protection, decentralization, and compliance with smart contracts. The stored information can’t be hacked since it cannot be modified or exposed on the network once the data is entered. 

Many organizations are pleased with the advantages of implementing this technology in the systematized structure of their investments and financial projects. It is believed that this event will attract the attention of many people and thus increase the blockchain population in Latin America and then the world in general. 

 When we talk about Blockchain, we talk about Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT, and all those cryptocurrencies that implement this technology based on blockchain dispersed in networks worldwide, making them accessible and easy to use for people who are part of everything. 

After the Blockchain Summit Latam 2022, it is presumed that the vision of investors and organizations based on the economy and finance will focus on its adoption since it represents progress, growth, and economic and sustainable development for the entire area, both industrial and private. 


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