The best tech trends in the hospitality industry

The fast pace that technology develops has changed the way we live, which includes the expectations we have. The hospitality industry has definitely felt the effects of these new expectations. We’ve seen how IT Support Companies have had to increase their support in the healthcare sector. Some of the new tech trends are not only helping to improve the hospitality industry for its patrons, but have also helped the industry save money, while continuing to show improvement. Here we have a list of the top tech trends in the hospitality industry.   

Automation and simplified communication  

 We’ve moved away from the days of having to stand in long lines to check in at airports and people are expecting the same experience in the hospitality industry. There’s been an increase in specialized IT Support for Healthcare Solutions being offered. There has been a push for a move towards a technology-based check in. Guests are expecting to be able to check in at an automated kiosk and to be able to access amenities like room service straight from a digital device. We have also found that although guests want an automated experience, they also want these interactions to be personalized. This includes things like the guests’ names being at the digital check in station and a history of their preferences kept on record. Hotels have also been investing in what is known as a ‘concierge in your pocket’. This allows guests to access information about hotel services, nearby entertainment venues and many more.  

Adapting Wi-Fi infrastructure 

These days Wi-Fi access is no longer seen as a perk, but is actually expected at check in. This has pushed hotels to upgrade their Wi-Fi infrastructure which will then provide guests with fast internet that connects seamlessly. This is especially important in hotels since many people stay at hotels for business and need Wi-Fi to work. Their IT Support has to include SharePoint Consultant Care and tech support that can manage and monitor their Wi-Fi and sharing capabilities. There is a slow change from the pay to access model, to hotels including this fee in their overall cost.  

Smart room keys  

Hotels are quickly adapting to the smart tech that we all use. Many hotels are installing smart room security systems which no longer require a physical key. All you need to do is swipe your phone across a sensor on the door. This is a game changer as guests will no longer have to worry about collecting and keeping track of their room keys and front desk staff will no longer have to deal with the process that comes with guests losing their key. Another way that this has been incorporated is through fingerprint-activated and retina scanning devices. These are much more advanced and therefore costly, so we do not see these as often.  

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