The Advantage of Getting a Subcontractor Software

It’s been months since you copped a new construction project. But suddenly, you have six new projects! You are excited. But deep down, you are nervous because you do not have sufficient resources to complete these projects. If this is your situation, subcontractor software will come in handy. Cloud-based platforms and construction software have completely revolutionized the construction industry. Construction companies can ease their work by hopping onto the subcontractor software trend.

If you are in the construction industry, chances are, you have come across several subcontractor software. Every subcontractor software caters to different construction needs and boasts of variance pros. If this is the first time you are hearing about this fantastic idea, here are reasons why using subcontractor software will be beneficial for your projects.

Management of large projects

Project management remains the most essential part of the construction industry. Something as simple as project mismanagement can affect a whole project and even lead to its cancellation, not forgetting hefty fines.

Sometimes construction companies may undertake bigger projects. In this instance, the construction companies can get a helping hand from subcontractors, which puts them in a better place to supervise the projects as opposed to handling the whole project.

Specialized expertise

Subcontractors often have specialized expertise in a specific construction niche such as electrical and plumbing. By getting subcontractors to help in a project, you are guaranteed expertise work that you cannot get from your employees. The experience of subcontractors also comes in handy as they are likely to have handled such tasks in the past. Overall, this helps avoid shoddy work hence client satisfaction. Yaay referrals!

Increased productivity

By hiring a subcontractor, you will notice increased productivity compared to using your employees for the tasks. For one, your employees could be inexperienced in the niche. Also, you may not have enough workers to complete the jobs in due time. However, since there are legal liabilities between you and the subcontractor, there is a minimal chance of a lack of productivity from the subcontractor. And with subcontractor software, you will have several subcontractors at your disposal just when you need them!

Cost efficiency

Using subcontractor software to hire subcontractors is cost-effective as opposed to hiring employees each time a project comes up. A subcontractor software also ensures that you avert project risks by getting experienced and reliable subcontractors.  Also, by using subcontractors, you will not avoid other costs such as office space, employee benefits and the purchase or hire of construction equipment.

Zero long term commitment

You may have 10 projects today and none by the end of the year. Instead of worrying about where to get funds to pay salaries and other office costs, hire a subcontractor via the software. This helps you avoid long-term commitments. You also get to choose the subcontractor to use among a variety.

Also, with full-time employees, the process of ending the relationship can be complicated and can even end up in legal disputes. By using subcontractor software, you get to evade the legal disputes that may occur with full-time employees.

Ease of communication

If this is not already obvious, every project has its issues, no matter how small it is. If you are in the construction business, you will come across issues that can even stall projects. Whichever project you are undertaking, you will need to communicate with different parties such as clients, trade contractors, vendors, employees, and even project managers.

A subcontractor software comes in handy in ensuring all parties are on the same page. Overall, subcontractor software helps avoid project completion delays by enhancing communication between the parties involved. You can monitor emails, import contacts, share notes and receive daily progress reports. You also get to monitor your current projects without having to visit the site or make endless phone calls.

Remit payments

By choosing a subcontracting software that is integrated with an accounting system, you get to pay the subcontractors via the software upon the successful completion of work. This prevents payment delays on both ends hence promoting a good work reputation.

  1. Controlled documentation

Working with other companies often necessitates the need for large amounts of paperwork. For instance, before a project is initiated, the project’s legal documents have to be signed not forgetting constant project reviewal documents. By using subcontractor software, such as  Bridgit Solutions, all your documents will be securely stored.

This helps you avoid printed documents and physical paperwork which can be difficult to retrieve not to mention its susceptibility to loss. Subcontractor software provides a safe avenue for the storage of all your documents. These also make it easy for all project parties to track the progress and raise any issues as well as give recommendations.


Large projects can often result in legal cases, especially where cases of negligence and non-compliance are reported. Using subcontractor software helps you remain compliant and avoid shortcuts. The software helps you keep track of the subcontractor’s income and remit the appropriate taxes on time. Most subcontractor software can help you verify whether subcontractors are registered.

Project tracking

To ensure projects stay profitable, subcontractor software will help you plan, control, and monitor all aspects of the projects. This helps you avoid surprise expenses that can otherwise lead to losses. For instance, you can monitor the use of resources and ensure they are used as per the timelines and budget while still adhering to the project quality and recommended guidelines.

Equipment management

Construction equipment can be expensive. The thought of purchasing or hiring the equipment can reduce the profitability of a project. By hiring a subcontractor through subcontractor software, you can substantially reduce this cost by transferring the cost to the subcontractor. Alternatively, if you choose to use your equipment, you can access the job performance and the equipment info via the software. This helps you know where the equipment is, the history of repairs, breakdowns, and even the overall management.

While the advantages of getting subcontractor software are many, getting reliable software is key. Look for factors such as ease of use, transparency, reliability, and the ability to communicate between the teams.

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