Temporary Electrical Installation for Construction Site

Construction sites will have power requirements which differ from those of the finished project in more than just the timing of the need. Most buildings will not have the power demands of heavy equipment and most construction sites will need significant work before the electrical system is installed. Therefore, there are temporary electrical installations and companies specializing in temporary power for construction sites. Choosing one of these businesses to partner with can make a significant difference in the progress and completion of the project.

Know Your Needs

The needs of each site and project will be different and it is important to work with the engineers and various trades managers to determine where the temporary power should be installed, how much is required and what the timeline should be. It is also a good idea to check with local regulations and power companies to see if you need a specific type of installation, such as underground or overhead, and which switchboards meet the legal and safety standards.

Research Power Companies

Before calling up a temporary power installer, it is a good idea to research the ones in your area to see who has the best reputation. Some companies like to cut corners to save on more expensive wiring and panels, but this can lead to more fines and dangerous situations for your project. Other companies may not be able to help you both design and install your temporary power, which can lead to insufficient supplies for your worksite.

Consult the Pros

In addition to consulting your engineers and various project managers, it is a good idea to consult with professionaltemporary power installers to design your system. This can help you ensure that the panels and lines are a safe distance to the work, that the wiring is up to the latest safety standards and that your project is completed without delays due to electrical issues. Your installation company sales representative will usually visit the site to see what kinds of trailers and equipment you are dealing with, what you are building and how the design needs to incorporate the flow of goods and personnel. He or she will then design the system and get feedback from you and your engineers before starting the installation.

Keep It Safe

There are many safety concerns on a construction site, especially around electricity and equipment. Not only will you want to make sure that your workers are safe on the job, but you will want to make sure that the temporary power system is kept safe from damage. Your installer should take environmental considerations such as weather patterns and site drainage into consideration when designing the system as well as accidental damage stemming from impacts with tools and equipment. Unqualified workers who switch breakers or adjust settings can cause power outages or surges which result in damage to equipment or injury and death to personnel, so you should make sure that only those qualified work on the system.

Remember Removal

If you have partnered with a reputable installation company, then chances are the designer took ease of removal into account when planning the system. This means that the boards and wiring can be easily accessed by qualified personnel during the build as well as after the project has been completed. You should also make a note of when to call and schedule removal, how close to the date your appointment can be changed and how long the wait time is for scheduling. Knowing these things from the start can help you plan the final stages of your project with less hassle if your projected timeline is different than the actual one because you will be able to bump the removal appointment forward or back as needed.

Temporary power to construction sites can be relatively easy to obtain if you find a good company to partner with. This partner will send a representative to your site to go over your needs as well as the environmental and safety factors before designing and installing the system.

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