Stylish and Easy-to-Maintain Flooring Innovations

Where To Start?

Did you just seal the deal on that house on the corner lot you’ve always wanted? Or are you planning to remodel your living room? Perhaps you’re looking to turn your garage into a mini home bar and lounge?

Well, to get started on your project, you should work from the ground up… literally! A great space starts with great flooring. Think of your floor like an empty canvas for your interior design masterpiece. Of course, the artwork’s beauty and longevity, no matter its aesthetics, begins with a quality canvas.

Why Is Flooring Important?

Like I said, good flooring is like having a fine quality canvass for your artwork that is your space. Whether it’s a living space, a workplace, or maybe even a recreational area, whatever your vision is, having a good foundation will make a big difference. There are different styles and types of floors that you can choose from, depending on your project. Think of all the factors involved, such as the look and feel you want, the use of your space, what type of footwear will be worn on your floor, and many more.

Now, as a practical person myself, I like my space easy-to-clean, so I’m not a big fan of carpets. It’s never fun or easy to wash spills and vacuum dirt out of them. These days, people are choosing more functional options such as domestic resin flooring for homes, stylish tiles, laminate floors for workspaces, and even vinyl as opposed to hardwood. Let’s take a look at the best floor types you can choose from.

4 Trendy And Practical Floor Types

1.   Tile

Tiles are a timeless classic choice. There is a wide variety of styles, sizes, colors, and textures that are sure to fit any project you have in mind. From your bathroom to your kitchen, tiles are always a good idea.

2.   Vinyl

These are the chameleons of the flooring world. Vinyl flooring technology has made it possible to give you the exact same look and feel of stone or even wooden floors for a fraction of the cost. Very easy-to-install for you DIY kings and queens out there.

3.   Resin

One of the latest and trendiest in floor innovations. Resin floors offer good wear resistance. And its beautiful seamless finish, unlike those of other flooring options, makes cleaning up easy breezy. And have I mentioned it looks absolutely gorgeous?

4.   Laminate

Laminate floors are the top choice if you’re looking to have an old-school hardwood floor feel but cannot be bothered with maintenance and clean-up. Definitely cheaper and more practical.

Take Your Time, Flooring Is A Long-Term Investment

It goes without saying that flooring is not easily replaced like furniture or even lighting fixtures. Imagine the number of things you’d have to move just to change your floors. That’s why when choosing what type of flooring is right for you and your space, think of the longevity of the material as well as the timelessness of the style in terms of color and design. There you have it. A broad choice of materials, textures, and styles you can combine to create the perfect design for your home.

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