Strategies for Career Advancement for Construction Workers

It can seem difficult to advance in the construction industry when there are so many others who are trying to get a raise or get promoted. It takes more than just hard work and dedication to progress, but we’ve got some strategies to help you seize the opportunity when the time is right. With every project in construction there comes a new opportunity to take control and show your leadership. This puts you in a prime position to succeed, and rest assured even if it doesn’t turn into a promotion, the management team will take note of your interest and dedication the next time a project starts. It’s important to show you’re serious about your career in the industry. Without further ado, read on for strategies to advance in the construction industry.

1. Network.

To advance in construction, it’s very important to have influential people supporting you. They can introduce you to other key individuals, promote you themselves, or vouch for you. It never hurts to be on friendly terms with your management and key players on your team. That doesn’t mean you should be sucking up, but by showing your value and that you’re indispensable. Build their trust in you, go above and beyond, and take control. This will show you’re serious and reliable. Consider also building a network of other industry professionals like subcontractors and architects. Don’t just make the initial connection but cultivate these relationships and stay in the loop.

2. Keep your resume updated and write a great cover letter

It’s important to keep your resume updated with all your latest projects and responsibilities, as well as your certifications (more on this below). You never know when you’ll be expected to apply for a project or position. Don’t forget to write an appealing cover letter for your application, explaining why you would be a perfect fit specifically for that project. It’s important to make a link between certain requirements in the job description and experience points in your resume to show why the position is right for you.

Here are a number of helpful tools to use when drafting your resume and cover letter:
Studydemic – This resource is a great writing guide and starting point for resumes and cover letters.
Stateofwriting and Boomessays – These websites are very useful online editing and proofreading tools.
Revieweal and Let’s go and learn – These two links will help you with all your formatting needs, which is key for a clean, clear resume and cover letter.

3. Get certified and keep the certifications updated.

In the construction industry, training is absolutely critical as most positions require academic or job-specific training. It goes without saying that the more certifications that you have, the more professional opportunities you’ll be considered for. Earning certifications such as Confined Space, HAZWOPER and MSHA will lead to more higher paid opportunities. It can be even more key to get certified for management positions and advance the career ladder. These courses should ideally be available online so you can work on your career development on the side without a great impact on your job and personal life. Once completed, don’t forget to add these certifications to your resume.

“It’s not enough to obtain certifications, but it’s also vital to keep them up to date. New projects can be announced at any time, and you have to be prepared. An expired certification is just as useless as not having it in the first place. Stay on top of your game by keeping your certifications up to date and doing refresher courses when needed,” explains Roger Martinez, a Recruiter at Top Canadian Writers and Student writing services.

4. Out-of-the-box thinking.

Don’t be stuck in an old fashioned mentality. Be innovative and open your mind to new ideas, tools and ways of operating. It’s possible that they are more effective and shows your flexibility and willingness to change and try new things.

The best career advancement may not be the step up you were thinking of but in fact a step to the side. If you find you’re at a career roadblock, don’t despair but consider alternative options. Use your experience in the field of construction to start your own business, create a new product, or start a new project. This is obviously not something you should rush into as there is a lot of risks associated with such a move, but it’s worth considering, including the possible rewards. Other industries, like the tech sector, are constantly flooded with new startup companies, maybe you can do the same for the construction industry!

Bonus tips: In addition to these strategies, it’s important to think about your attitude on the job. Exercise positive thinking, be a team player and focus on quality and safety above getting the job done quickly. If you can put efforts in all of these categories, you should be able to build your career successfully in the construction industry.

Author’s bio: Freddie Tubbs is an HR manager at Big Assignments. He also works as an internal communications consultant at Writemyaustralia, and contributes articles to UK Writings blog.

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