Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas You Must Try

Small homes are never short of charm, but they tend to be short on square footage when it comes to kitchen space. But the reduced size should not be a deterrent to the design potential of your kitchen. You’d be surprised at what you can do to transform your petite kitchen into a stylish and efficient space. By thinking creatively about how to utilise your tiny kitchen floor plan and whatever countertop and wall space you have, you can turn it into the perfect place for cooking, eating and hanging out. Read on to find out exactly how.

Papaya, an online furniture shop, have gathered for you a variety of small kitchen design hacks for designing your space effectively.

Minimalist yet Modern

Since the kitchen space is small, keeping it simple is often the best idea. Embracing minimalism in your kitchen design can make the space appear clean and organised, while creating the illusion of space. Go with light colours, clean lines, matching textures and tones, and simple accessories. Keep the walls, cabinets and ceilings the same colour, and then incorporate contrasting accents to add a striking element.

Concealed Storage Areas

A growing trend in small kitchen designs is concealed work areas. From concealed dinnerware to stylishly camouflaged cabinets and appliances, the possibilities for concealed storage areas are endless. More and more designers are creating concealed kitchens fitted with sliding doors that close and hide the fundamental kitchen structure.

Custom Modular Kitchens

There’s an increasing demand for modern, multifunctional, modular kitchens configured to suit small spaces. You can choose from worktops of varying shapes and sizes to personalize your kitchen working space. Extractable tables are the perfect for creating fixed or extendable dining zones for your guests.

Galley Kitchen

Originally designed for cooking spaces on boats, the galley kitchen consisting of two parallel countertops with a walkway in between, is best suited for smaller homes.

One-Wall Design

Design your kitchen with all appliances and cabinetry running along one wall, so that there’s a greater sense of openness in the kitchen.


Cluttered items instantly make a place feel smaller. Get rid of all unused plastic containers and mismatched dinnerware from time to time. Keep your countertop tidy; use hanging baskets to store fruits and other produce.

Add a Kitchen Island

Consider adding a slim kitchen island for prep space and conversation. Invest in a rolling island that can double up as bar or breakfast seating, or be pushed out of the kitchen when not needed.

Savvy Storage

Use built-in-storage to make best use of available space – try to make spaces serve more than one purpose. Fix racks to insides of cupboard doors, store mugs or cutlery in drawers beneath kitchen-island.

Pull-out Work Spaces

Incorporate pull-out countertops, chopping boards, prep stations that can be stored away until needed.

Think Vertically

Install pot racks, knife mounts and open shelves above your stove to utilise wall space and free up lot of floor space.

Get inspired by these ideas to create a kitchen that’s small on space but big on style.


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