Small Apartment Design Tips that Hurt Your Pocket

Limited by space in small apartments, homeowners make every effort to make it look beautiful and inviting. In doing so, often, they splurge in items that creates unnecessary clutter and also hurt their pockets.

For example, a gorgeous chandelier that that might cost you half your salary, can add an interesting character to a spacious home but look sorely out of place in your tiny apartment.

Let the interior designing experts at April & Oak offer you helpful decor insights so you can steer clear of such blunders.

Ill-sized furniture

Consider the room size and scale, lighting, color, etc., when choosing accessories for your home. Otherwise, mistakes like disproportionate furniture are bound to happen. Imagine a plush modern sectional eating up the entire floor space of your living room!

Too many décor pieces

Assembling too many showstopper items in a single room creates a chaotic impression, not to talk about breaking the bank. The same goes for photo frames on every wall of your home. It makes sense to install one focal point in the room that can grab the attention of anyone walking in and be a conversation starter too.

Overdose of bling 

Who doesn’t love a bit of shine and shimmer in their décor? But it’s a trend that’s best practiced in restraint. For example, reflective surfaces on table tops, glass backsplash, shiny leather recliners, golden pulls on drawers, etc. might individually create a nice effect but putting them all together is distasteful and a great way to waste your money.

Cheap replicas

It is perfectly alright if you can’t afford a pricey homeware brand. But do not spend your hard-earned money on an “in-your-face” cheap replica.

Matching everything

Adopting a cohesive design style for decorating your home is desirable but taking it too far with matching upholstery and wallpaper and drapes is not. Imagine the tiles of your bathroom matching with the shower curtain and the sink. Not a pleasing sight at all!

Hotel-inspired décor

Staying at plush hotels during vacations can be relaxing, and you may wish to replicate the same décor in your bedroom. But, we bet you’d tire yourself out if you had to live in that same room day in and day out. While it’s wonderful to take an inspiration or two from your staycation, having your bedroom mirror your luxury hotel room in Koh Samui is a recipe for boredom.

Dark accents

Dark accent walls have a considerable fan following in the luxury home décor space. However, the trend can be a bane of your small apartment. Ditto for dark lampshades that envelop your limited space in gloom and shadow instead of the mystery and drama you’re hoping to create.

Space saving sofa beds

Pull-out sofa beds, for example, work for small spaces but are often not ergonomically sound. Sleeping on them every night may not give you the best sleep and can be bad for your back.

There you have it — a list of small apartment design ideas to avoid as they will simply dent your wallet without adding much to your home.

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