Six Tips to Decorate With Area Rugs

Area rugs can do a lot of wonders inside your home. Whether it is your own property or a rental, they can add life and make the space more personal to you.

While your preference is what matters the most, there are some pointers that you may want to know before making your rug purchases. As it happens, you can do several things with area rugs that will bring new vibes to the spaces.

If you are looking for some tips and hacks, you have come to the right place. We have prepared the top “maxims” on decorating spaces inside homes with area rugs.

Use A Rug To Define or Separate Areas

Defining a space or an area inside your home can be done in a lot of ways. You may utilize your furniture or any other appliances or home accessories.

But, while they are all effective in defining a space, not all of them can have a “grounding aspect.” Accordingly, this is where area rugs will come in.

As it happens, these types of rugs can make your space and all other elements in it feel more grounded. They anchor the furniture, as well as other accessories and appliances.

If placed properly and you have chosen the most appropriate designs and patterns, the rugs will create more warmth and “stillness.” This then helps further the definition of the space or area of concern.

Tips to Decorate With Area Rugs

Here are the top tips you may want to check when decorating spaces with area rugs. Many experts and professionals attest to these pointers as they themselves apply them on personal and commercial projects:

  • Create Variety

Creating a variety is one of the top hacks that many homeowners tend to question. Others seemingly feel like it does not make sense to place different sizes of area rugs in one space.

The truth, though, is that creating varieties can add more depth and grounded-ness in the space or area of concern. This is because when you place two or three area rugs of the same size, you are cutting the room exactly into two or three divisions.

You do not want this unless this falls in your personal preferences. So, if you are aiming for more variation, choose different sizes of area rugs.

  • Add Pretty Boho Color With A Pink Area Rug

Planning to go all-Bohemian? Start with area rugs! This is ideal for individuals who are yet to decide whether to go for a vibrant finishing paint for that boho aesthetics.

It is worth noting that a boho look typically involves bright and vibrant hues of the vintage-looking palette. So, if you are pushing for a Bohemian vibe in a certain space inside your home, a vintage rug or a pink area rug will help a lot.

  • Control The Volume

Area rugs can also help the overall volume of the spaces inside your property. You may utilize them to either make the area visually quiet or busy.

The concept of contrast largely applies in this case. When you want to control the volume of the space of concern, you will want the pattern and design of your chosen rug to depend on the aesthetics of the existing elements within the surroundings.

For example, if the chosen space or area carries an ornate pattern in the wallpaper or upholstery, you will want to choose a more subtle or plain rug. Conversely, when the space of concern feels a little quiet and subdued, try to uplift the vibe and aesthetics with the use of brightly and bold-colored area rugs.

  • Add Fun With A Tropical-Inspired Area Rug

A tropical design in your space can be achieved using theme decors and specific color palettes. Some tropical style accessories may also help.

But, if you are not yet prepared to do some of those things and make drastic changes to achieve your desired aesthetics, using a tropical-inspired area rug will already do the job.

Opt for bold-looking rugs, which usually come in vibrant colors and big patterns. Be careful, though, when placing it on the floor.

While it may strike the right tone and accent on the ground, it may be too much for a sofa or chair. So, try to mix and match some accessories of the same color palette, like throw pillows.

  • Bring Life to Cavernous Hallways

Hallways may appear cavernous, especially when long and narrow. In most cases, the finishing flooring in these spaces comes with hard-looking surfaces.

You will want to soften up the look by utilizing area rugs. Aside from providing a much softer appearance, it also adds warmth to the overall ambiance in these spaces.

Choose subtle patterns that will complement the walls and floorings. Also, ensure that the size will go well with the dimension of the hallway.

  • Coordinating Your Living and Dining Room Style

Open home designs have become one of the popular choices of many homeowners today. The seamlessly blending of rooms and spaces appears to provide more comfort and warmth in the overall ambiance.

The challenge with open floor plans, though, is finding the most applicable and appropriate way to coordinate the spaces while giving each area its own identity. The good thing, however, is that area rugs can resolve this kind of concern.

The best way to coordinate two spaces in an open floor plan is by using two area rugs of the same color palette. You may choose stripes for one and floral for the other, but make sure to utilize the same or similar hues.

Warm Up Your Space With Area Rugs

Area rugs have become more in-demand these days as more and more people are becoming very meticulous when it comes to the aesthetics and ambiance of their homes. This is because they provide warmth and comfort that allows individuals to feel more grounded and calm.

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