Sitting down with.. Rogue Architects’ Greg Mooney

The Director of Business Development muses about life as a St. Louis sports fan, his favorite time of day to get things done, and why dealing with your mistakes (and failing) makes you a better person.

What is the most cherished item in your office?
It would have to be the old and new family photos. It is a good stress release for me when taking a breather from work to look at the pictures and realize life has been great.

What is your favorite time to get things done?
I’ve never been a morning person, so I would say afternoon into early evening.

What is the soundtrack that plays in the background of your office?
Local sports radio, unless it is during the Christmas season, then it’s four straight weeks of Christmas music.

Name the band you cannot take off your playlist.
Journey with REO Speedwagon a very close second

What does a typical workday look like?
Research and prospecting the best potential clients who are a fit for Rogue. Networking with industry friends and writing proposals for potential clients. When it’s close to conference time, I will begin to prepare for the conference looking up attendees and setting up meetings.

I really enjoy working with our brand manager who does a fantastic job with marketing creations that keep Rogue very visible through all types of social media.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on a job site?
Probably doing a store walk/survey a few years ago in California and watching a police foot pursuit and suspect take down. The suspect was on a bike. It happened on the store lawn. Quite interesting to say the least.

What are you binge watching right now?
I am not huge on binge watching, but if I did, it would be “King of Queens” and throw in some “Friends.” I would also be a bit remiss if I didn’t say all Tom Cruise movies, too.

What is the coolest thing you have done since the pandemic hit?
Being a local. That may sound funny, but when you have traveled as much as I have in my 30-year career, it is easy to forget the fine things in the city you live in. I have spent a lot of time just being in St. Louis and enjoy my hometown, which may include my favorite team the Cardinals. I also love watching the Blues and NASCAR when they are in town.

What has this experience taught you?
To better cope with a life that is no longer routine.

If you knew what was going to happen, what would you have done differently?
Probably the easiest answer would be to mentally prepare better. I wasn’t ready for a total shutdown, especially in my career, which involved national travel most of the year.

Favorite comfort food.
Taco Bell. Hard shell tacos—regular or supreme. Mouthwatering.

Best advice you ever received?
Actually two things: Everything comes with a consequence and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Biggest influence in your life?
My parents. From Day 1, they influence our lives with issues that relate to our upbringing and future.

What trait do you most admire?
One-hundred percent hard work and effort every day. I have always been aggressive no matter what I do. I like to win and hate to lose.

What advice would you give your younger self?
I mentioned this earlier, but I would tell myself not to worry so much about making mistakes. Dealing with those mistakes and failing makes you a better person.

What is the first thing you are going to do when you are able to get back to some sense of normalcy?
Traveling to my favorite beaches around the US and world, camping, river floating with my fiancé and family. Before COVID hit, these were regular events that basically stopped. I love being outdoors and doing these things regularly.


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