Runner’s Secret: Rescue. Recover. Reboot. Restore.

There are athletes.

Example: You at your gym work out a few times a week. (numbering in the millions)

There are higher-level athletes. Examples: NFL players, MMA fighters, marathon runners. (many thousands)

And then — Step aside, Ironman. There’s a third category with, maybe, one qualifier: Robbie Belanger.

On August 19 Robbie completed the Colorado Crush. An effort consisting of multiple bucket list-worthy endeavors including the Leadville Trail Marathon, traversing The Colorado Trail (485 miles in 11.5 days), the Leadville Silver Rush 50-miler, summiting all 58 peaks over 14K feet in Colorado, and The Leadville Trail 100-miler. The effort amounted to almost 1,200 miles and over 300,000 feet of elevation gain in just 63 days. The elevation gained is the equivalent of summiting Mt. Everest from sea to summit 10.5 times. During the challenge, he tracked how NuCalm optimized his sleep and helped aid his recovery.

Superhuman Feats

In 2019 at age 34, Robbie completed a superhuman 3,175-mile, 75-day cross-country run from Los Angeles to New York City which brought him national attention. He averaged 43 miles every day and only took one day off. To prepare, during the preceding year the ‘ultramarathoner’ (a former entrepreneur and restauranteur) transformed his food intake, becoming the first person to complete the feat on a 100% plant-based diet. He says the diet made him feel better after 40-mile training runs.

This past year, seeking a new weapon to add to his runner’s arsenal, Robbie added NuCalm®, a clinically proven, drug-free neuroscience technology that disables stress at its source—the midbrain. Clinically proven for over 20 years, the NuCalm technology consists of three parts: proprietary neuroacoustic software, biosignal processing disc, and a light-blocking mask.

Robbie says the combination of proper training, diet, and NuCalm has helped him break records, whether running horizontally or vertically. Earlier this year Robbie smashed the world record by completing 16 loops of New York City’s Central Park Loop Challenge, running as many laps of the park’s 6.1 km track as possible during its daily opening hours, (100 miles) in 18:07:44 — breaking the previous record of 11 laps of the park (67.1 miles) in 14 hours.

Jim Poole, CEO and President of Solace Lifesciences, makers of NuCalm (, explains how the patented technology suspends the body in a deeply relaxed state (parasympathetic nervous system dominance), resulting in the flow of oxygenated red blood cells throughout the entire body. The oxygenated red blood cells flush out the lactic acid and reduce inflammation in areas of physical tension. This significantly aids in muscle recovery post-exertion and prepares muscles for better performance.                                                                                                                                  

Reliable Recovery

Robbie says, “No matter my circumstances, my location, my state of mind, or high demands, NuCalm simply works every time. Very few things are as predictable and reliable. It seems like magic but it’s proven neuroscience with a magical result. Making NuCalm part of my everyday routine enables me to sleep better, recover faster and more fully, and reach peak performance at the most decisive moments.

It allows me to further my gains. I know I’m the best version of myself when I have a goal, when I’m moving, when I’m taking care of myself and I’m eating healthy. I want that for everyone.”

After a NuCalm session, Poole says, “Users feel balanced, grounded, restored, and focused. With regular use, NuCalm enables more mental and physical restoration and balance so the user experiences stress resiliency. NuCalm relaxes and restores users without drugs, without delay, without fail. It’s stress relief for the way we live today – technology to help you disconnect. It’s administered in seconds, takes effect in minutes. Its benefits can last for hours, so you can own the day.”

Players on over 50 professional sports teams – including the Chicago Blackhawks– regularly depend on NuCalm. And for years in the MMA —  the sport where nobody hits harder or gets hit harder – fighters have used NuCalm before and after fights and training sessions. FBI and elite military operators have relied on NuCalm for years for expedited recovery without drugs. NuCalm is the technology that continues to deliver for people when they need it most.

For more info, visit, or contact Jim Poole, President/CEO, Solace Lifesciences — Learn more about Robbie at

By Stan Hurwitz / 

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