Restaurant/Bar Remodel Checklist

Owning a bar or a restaurant can be an incredibly rewarding experience, albeit extremely difficult. It’s a business venture that allows you to create a space that brings out the best in people. These venues can be a great source of pride for a local area, too. We’re all looking for entertainment, and if you can combine a welcoming atmosphere with an exciting menu of food and drinks, you’re well on your way to succeeding as an owner.

Unfortunately, the bar and restaurant scene isn’t always the most stable. A thriving bar, for example, can suddenly see a decrease in customers for no other reason than the fact that another restaurant is holding a special event. It’s a harsh reality of the crowds that restaurants are trying to attract, and a savvy owner has to be able to understand the difference between the ordinary flows of foot traffic and the signs that their establishment is losing interest.

While owning a bar is an incredible experience, it’s not the easiest business to operate. A study in 2015 found that over 10,000 small business bars in the United States had closed over the previous 10-year span. The study indicated that bar-goers are looking for establishments that offer amenities and an atmosphere that they cannot get elsewhere. It’s the reason that specialty bars and restaurants have grown in popularity. The key is that your business should offer an atmosphere that people cannot get anywhere else.

If you’re looking to revitalize your bar or restaurant, a remodel might be just what you’re looking for. Remodels are a great way to breathe new life into your restaurant’s atmosphere, and also provides a reason for any theme/menu changes to your business. In fact, it’s an excellent opportunity to offer new services and specialties as well. If you’re considering a remodel, here’s what you need to know beforehand.

Getting Started: Setting a Budget

 Setting a budget will allow you to properly plan your remodel. After all, budgetary limits are also going to set limits on what’s possible with your remodel. If you’ve ever watched an HGTV-styled show, setting a budget may seem easy. After all, the homeowners on those shows have it all figured out, right at the start of the show.

The truth is that setting a budget can be difficult. Not only does it require a thorough understanding of your own finances, it also requires understanding the fact that complications are always possible that can inflate the amount that you’re going to pay.

Business loans are always an option, of course, but that can paint an even murkier picture. Paying off a loan might mean having to project your business’ profits post-renovation, which is never an easy thing to do. Be cautious with the money that you borrow, and make sure that the planned renovation is worth the money.

From there, it’s a process of checking certain boxes:

  • Create a good plan for the entire renovation project ( include a fresh new design)
  • Choose a credible contractors,architects and designers to ensure beauty and functionality are weaved in
  • Prioritize items accordingly and allow the professionals to keep the project on track
  • Be mindful of the current trends of the consumer
  • Obtain quality storage space to use as your project starts moving to keep valuables safe and secure (portable stage works well for project storage items)

Good Planning and Success

 A quality remodeling project will need good planning and follow through if success is the goal. Keeping organized is essential during any project. Portable storage will help by offering your project the following benefits:

  • A safe and weatherproof container
  • Convenience
  • Secure locking options
  • Cut your budget with affordable options
  • A safe place for your valuables (free from debris and other unwanted particles)
  • Excellent customer service
  • Flexibility
  • Simple and efficient organization

Good planning, good storage, credible professionals and added thought will make your remodeling project a complete success. Portable storage will make the unveiling even better because your business belongings will be in superior shape and ready to accommodate. Expect success!

A Refreshed Atmosphere and a Rejuvenated Ambiance

 Once your remodeling project is complete, you can offer your esteemed guests a refreshed atmosphere and a rejuvenated new ambiance. A remodeling project tends to create much enthusiasm in a community. Your guests will not want to miss out on the excitement. They will want to join in and make their new place fun. Be prepared for success.






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