Redesign Outdoor Space With These Unique Designs

In property matters, homeowners can be quite innovative in extracting the highest benefit from their homes. We’re continually attempting to increase our storage space and to give our rooms a more spacious appearance.

It’s a tricky balancing act. However, you might be pleased to discover that there’s a resourceful aspect of your home that you’ve been overlooking.

Outdoor space design would be the most creative use of any property if there were ever one. For instance, gardens provide a free place for your kids’ mischievousness and your home gardening endeavors. In comparison, you can enjoy great open-air dining on your balcony.

So, we think it is prime time we removed the line separating indoor and outdoor spaces. Here we’ll be discussing a few clever ideas to maximize your home’s potential and increase curb appeal in the process.

Find A Purpose

Identifying your new outdoor design’s purpose is a basic yet crucial first step; plan according to the function and goals you have in mind.

You may consider things such as the number of guests you usually have over and the kind of environment you want, e.g., relaxing or bustling with activity. Also, you may think about child-proofing or creating a secluded space for any pets.

Choose Plants Wisely

If you think you love gardening enough to never get tired of it, just wait. Always pick manageable greenery and shrubs for your outdoor living space that ensure it’s not too high-maintenance and overbearing.

The ideal plants include round, small shrubs that grow only a few inches yearly, such as agaves and aloes. If you want to understand gardening and suitable plant selection, look at Sublime Gardens for inspiration.

Take it from the designers and employ vertical surfaces to design green walls that’ll give you privacy. Plus, you can spare the overhead area for open-air stargazing. If you’re planning a dining setup in the garden, avoid plants that attract bees and other insects.

Views From The Top (Or Outside)

Try to observe your property’s surroundings and capitalize on its majestic views. You can do so by arranging a minimal dining area, complete with chairs and tables. That way, if you’re in the mood for an evening tea party or Sunday brunch with friends, you won’t have to step out!

Moreover, you can use light curtains or hedges to keep any unpleasant sights out of the view. Landscape architects recommend venturing beyond the four walls and seeing how well your home aligns with its environment.

What’s The Layout?

Landscape designers advise approaching your outdoor space design with the same care and thoughtfulness as you would any other significant renovation of your home.

Keep every component of the exterior design connected to the inside for better functionality and ease. For instance, you can place your minimal dining set up close to your home’s kitchen.

Watch Out For The Weather

Be cautious of the current weather and wind direction in your region. Depending on your local forecast, you may have a cold breeze in the morning while others, sweltering heat. Suppose you design an excellent fireplace or a wonderful outdoor dining area. If you don’t plan, you can have the entire setup wrecked by the wind.

Natural Direction And Exposure

Do you know which direction your outdoor space is facing? Because that can be a critical factor in your outdoor space’s functionality. For example, in the more northern areas of the world, you’d have to consider that north- and east-facing outdoor spaces provide no comfort in chilly winters. Outdoor spaces in some parts of Canada and Alaska can even be too cold for summers.

Not-So-Hard Hardscape

For the hardscape, you may use an assortment of surfaces and textures. Leave some part of the ground soft but incorporate some hard surfaces to accommodate furniture, e.g., chairs. Things like wooden decks, decomposed granite, and boulders give off a classy feel to your home, especially when combined with natural greenery.

Choice Of Furnishings

Remember we asked you to define the intended purpose of your space at the start? Well, choosing the appropriate outdoor furniture is one of its uses. Furnishings differ from places designed for relaxation and those for entertainment purposes. Go with waterproof, cozy, and weather-proof furniture that adds practicality to your exterior design. Think minimal, easy-to-move tables and chairs for snacks or drinks. Carry the interior design of your home outside by recreating similar color schemes and patterns.

Throw Some Shade

Does your outdoor space tend to bask in a lot of sunlight? If yes, then you must include something for shade in your design. Tall trees, umbrellas, and a patio can shelter you from the scorching heat and provide the necessary relief in hot summer afternoons. Also, these elements can give extra cover when the sky pours down.

Light It Up

To truly connect the interior and exterior design of your home, try adding a warm pop of lighting. Brighten up your outdoor dining areas and do most of your cooking on the outside. To add extra illumination and glow, get some versatile LED lights.

Are you worried about tripping hazards? Selecting solar-powered or battery lights can eliminate any risks arising from extension cables.

Arrange Heating

In a mood for entertainment in the winter season and concerned about the cold? One excellent option to stay warm is to build a fire pit and surround it with comfortable seating. Take full advantage of your outdoor space nestled by the fireside on cold nights or even year-round.

Additionally, you can build small storage for food supplies, pillows, and blankets.

Add A Splash Of Water

If you’re not looking to redesign your whole space and just want to freshen it up a bit, a water feature is your best bet. No, these features aren’t limited to ornate waterfalls and fountains. Even a hint or a trickle of water can do wonders for your design and aesthetic needs.

Fortunately, folks living near a natural water source, e.g., a lake, can easily build their outdoor space to exploit nature’s providence.

In Short

A functional and engaging outdoor space can boost your home’s curb appeal by a significant margin. This article discussed some practical ideas to spruce up outdoor space design. These range from adding suitable greenery, matching interior and exterior layouts, and adding water/light/heat features.

By implementing a few of these ideas, you can make your outdoor space a nurturing place for you and your loved ones to relax and recharge.



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