Preventative Maintenance For Commercial Properties

Despite the problems and the costs which are often involved, there are still far too many companies out there which fail to carry out effective preventative maintenance. Running a commercial property is stressful and expensive enough as it is, without adding more issues to the situation. Preventative maintenance can be carried out by commercial carpentry firms, construction specialists and energy providers, or even in-house maintenance teams. This short term attitude towards maintenance is bad for business and here are some tips which can help businesses to avoid such issues.

Maintenance Checklist

Without a clear checklist your business simply won’t be able to stay on top of all of the systems within the building. This is why setting up a list of systems and equipment, with space to log information about them all, is critical. Naturally all properties are different, but they all have some of the following which should be added to this list.

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical & Lighting System
  • Roofing
  • Parking Lots & Pavement
  • Garages
  • Fire Alarms & Sprinklers
  • Access Controls

Consider Seasonal Changes

In terms of when to check each item on your list, base this around any seasonal impacts which face the property. Checking your HVAC system before and after warmer months for example, or checking electrics and lighting after a tough winter. This is when you are most likely to need repairs, so get ahead of it as early as you possibly can.

Wider Than The Building

You should also incorporate all of the property when it comes to setting up the maintenance plan, and not just focus on the inside of the building. It is likely that you have exterior structures, irrigation systems, parking garages and lots, as well as things like perimeter fencing and gates which allow access to the property. All of this should be included in your checks.

Staying on Top of Pests

If you ask any pest control company they will tell you that almost all infestations could have been stopped had they been reported early. This is why it is important that your company ensures that it focuses on this risk. Bringing in a pest control company once there is an infestation makes the problem more difficult and more expensive to handle. An easier option is to bring them in once a year, or twice yearly, to ensure that there is no threat of a potential infestation in the future.

Managing It

Setting up a checklist and identifying all of the areas of the property to check is all well and good, but if you fail to manage those who should be carrying out such checks, there is little point in having it. Assign tasks to the relevant stakeholders and nominate a point person who will oversee all of the checks, and stay on top of issues as and when they arise.

In doing this you will save the company thousands of dollars and reduce a great deal of the stress which a breakdown, infestation or major issue can create.

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