Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-410 and Pass It Easily

Microsoft is among the most successful IT companies in the world today. It offers products such as operating system and office applications among many others. These products are popular around the world since they help in performing both personal and business day to day operations. Beyond these products, there is also a certification program offered by Microsoft. The program targets IT specialists and acts as a validation of their proficiency in a certain technology. Initially, this program contained certifications that have only focus on the knowledge, though since 2019 there have been changes and new credentials are known as role-based, as the main emphasis is made on the skills. This is done to help candidates perform the tasks quickly and successfully according to the job role they’ve chosen. Some examples of supported job roles include: developer, architect, administrator among others.

Currently, new certifications fall into three levels, which include fundamental, associate and expert. The level where newbies should begin their journey is known as the fundamental level. Later, after candidates have successfully launched their career and gained some experience they can further advance to obtaining the certifications at the associate level. To advance their skills tey can opt for credentials of the expert level.

Though a number of new credentials are available today, some of the previous certifications of the Pass MTA, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD levels are till actual and can be gained. One of such is the MCSA Windows Server 2012. This certification is obtained by passing its three exams which are: exams 70-410, 70-411 and 70-412. And in this article, we’ll cover 70-410 exam and all you need to know about passing it on your first try. Here you’ll find a section which explores the best methods to prepare for this exam and how to access quality materials for your preparation.

70-410 Exam Information

Exam 70-410 deals with installation and configuring Windows Server 2012.  Candidates taking this exam prove their ability to implement and configure core services of Windows Server 2012 technology such as networking services and Active Directory. The skills measured in this exam include:

  • Installing servers
  • Server role configuration
  • ConfiguringHyper-V
  • Core network services configuration
  • InstallingActive Directoryand its administration
  • Creatinga grouppolicyand its management

The Microsoft 70-410 exam contains 40-60 questions that you have to complete within 120 minutes. The testwill cost you $165 and can be taken in either of the following languages: English, SimplifiedChinese, French, Japanese, German, orPortuguese. To register for 70-410 exam simply visit the Microsoft official website.

We all know that the better prepared you are, the more chances to pass the exam you have. Since Microsoft exams are known to be tricky, preparation plays an essential part. Below, we’ve provided a list of the preparation options you can go through and choose the ones that suit you most.

Preparation options

  • Instructor-led training

This option is divided into on-demand training and classroom training. The thing is that not all can attend classroom training since this option is not available in all countries. So, anyway, if you choose to take the instructor-led training, you’ll have to enroll for the Course 20410D that is all about installation and configuration of Windows Server 2012. Theclassroom training lasts for 5 days, while the on-demand training implies 3-month access to the provided materials and can be taken at your own pace. It’s a great option, as you’ll get the actual material from the vendor itself, gain necessary skills and can wind up your doubts by getting answers from your instructor.

  • Practice tests

Taking practice tests is one of the best ways for assessing your level of readiness for exam 70-410. When you obtain the results of your practice test, you will know your weak areas, thus, you’ll study them more thoroughly. An official practice test for exam 70-410 can be obtained from the Microsoftwebsite.

  • Exam Dumps

To strengthen your preparation you can use exam dumps. These are files that should that contain the most updated and actual questions and answers for the required exam. PrepAway is a reliable online platform that offers such dumps. The files can be downloaded free of charge and opened on the ETE Exam Simulator. This great educational tool simulates the real exam environment and teaches you to manage the time at the exam efficiently. Moreover, practicing such questions you get the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam. What has made PrepAway so popular is the most valid prep materials that it offers. For exam 70-410 you can find the premium bundle that includes a file created by IT experts, a training course and a study guide. The price for a such package is quite affordable – just $39.98.

  • Study groups and forums

You can prepare for the exam alone but your preparation will be more efficient if you study in a group. Find the people that are sitting for the same exam and study together. The groups should not be too big, a sizeable number like 5 people will be more beneficial to all of you. During these studies, you may find that it is easier to understand the concepts that were difficult for you at first. You also can join a forum for exam 70-410 on the Microsoft website. In this case, you will be part of useful discussions, get answers to your questions, hints to prepare or systematize the learnt material. This is also a place to find motivation from other successful candidates.

  • Books

Books contain detailed information about the exam topics. They should be used whenever you want to understand the concepts of a certain topic and manage your time perfectly to cover all the topics contained in the exam. Using books is a convenient way to study since you have the privilege toplan your time and prepare at your own pace. One of the useful books is the Exam Ref 70-410. You can find it at the Microsoft Press Store or at Amazon.


MCSA Windows Server 2012 certified professionals are highly valued by business organizations since they possess the skills required to efficiently deliver business value without many expenses. Getting the MCSA Windows Server 2012 credential you can land such career positions as a computer network systems administrator or a computer network specialist. To earn this certification, you need to pass 70-410 exam, along with two other tests. And only proper preparation can open the doors to wide opportunities in your professional life. Use the preparation options provided in this article and you’ll easily pass your 70-410 exam. Wish you success!



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