Popular Trends In Office Design To Follow In 2021

Each year brings new office design trends, and the year 2020 has significantly altered plenty of things, including offices.

Countless people have turned to working remotely, for reasons well known. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the offices will be gone for good.

Although there are many perks of working remotely, the conventional approach of working from offices has several benefits such as reduced distractions, teamwork, motivation, and easily attainable guidance.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular trends in office design to follow in 2021.

Safety of the employees

The year 2020 has urged companies to accustom to substantial changes.

The health and well-being of the employees have become more important than ever.

The proper health measures such as improved sanitation, implementation of hands-free technology to limit surface touching, more reliable air flow/filtration, and redesigning the offices is a top priority to many companies.

Hopefully, offices around the globe will be open soon, and the companies should be ready for that and take all the precautions to make working from them safer and more suitable.

A sense of home at work

As more employees begin returning to working from the office, extra elements of the home should be implemented into the workplace to generate the sense of home at work.

By implementing these factors and redesigning the workspace, the employees can feel more content and inspired.

Furthermore, the appearance of the office can make an impact on potential employees’ decision of turning or taking the job offer.

Having spaces that invoke the touch of a living room is growing into fame in 2021.

Some of the ideas to make the office more pleasant are:

  • Adding the more natural lighting

Letting the sunshine in will be welcomed with delight by both employees and plants.

The sunlight has a lot of health benefits, including stimulating the pineal gland, increasing visual clarity, and of course – vitamin D.

Plus, it has an immense economic impact, because a fair amount of office electricity is being used for artificial lighting.

  • Comfortable areas

Employees have had enough video calls and seeing other people through screens.

That is why having cozy and laid-back social areas in which co-workers can get together and brainstorm is a necessity.

Those areas shouldn’t appear superficial or give an artificial impression of a living room, but preferably, should resemble a genuine living room so that employees will voluntarily spend time in them and have a space for connectivity and community.

  • Innovative decorations

All this wouldn’t be achievable without adding some decorations.

Rather than having a mundane-looking office or replicating others, implement something unusual which will make your office stand out. One of many examples is a carved office skull. Now, you may think it’s not fitting for a workspace, but remember, you want to create a genuine living room appearance. Plus, having a wall with a carved skull will become a new favorite hang-out place for your employees.

If you aren’t familiar with carved skulls, take a look at the Skull Bliss website for more details and info.

  • Extra vegetation

No office is complete without having some plants. They provide diverse benefits like increasing the air quality, reducing stress, increasing humidity, and creating a better mood.

  • Nap pods

Major companies have them so that their employees can unwind and rejuvenate during the workday.

The studies have shown that getting a short power nap can boost focus, productivity, and creativity, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t have them too.


It’s 2021, and ecology is more critical than ever in human history.

That is why having a sustainable and eco-friendly office is essential.

Many companies are engaged in showing a dedication to eco-friendly principles and decreasing the carbon footprints, with the purpose of having any chance of success.


A good strategy for designing a better office is consulting with each employee and welcoming their ideas and requests, which will put their cooperation capabilities to a test.





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