Picking Out the Perfect Patio Cover

Choosing a beautiful and efficient way to cover the patio can have many benefits for the homeowner both now and in the future. Here are a few reasons why this is a great time to start thinking about a patio cover for the backyard. 

Provide a Pleasant Use to Outside Space 

Adding a cover to the patio will provide a natural gathering place for guests almost year-round. Texas Home Improvement can help out with finding the perfect cover for the outdoor living area. In addition to keeping the damaging sun rays from shining directly into the house, there are several great reasons to cover the patio. 

Why Not Add a Beautiful Pergola to the Backyard? 

Adding a pergola is an excellent way to add shade not only to the outside space but also to parts of the home that are adjacent to that space. Pergolas are a basic open-air roof design made of strategically placed slats or cross beams that provide shade for occupants of the patio. The English term dates back several centuries and was used to describe brick and stone garden covers that were popular at that time. 

Today, pergolas are usually made of vinyl, fiberglass, or wood that has been specifically treated to meet the demands of outdoor use. Depending on the climate, wood pergolas may need to be stained or painted each year. Choosing a vinyl or fiberglass alternative would eliminate the need for yearly maintenance, and these materials tend to last longer when used for this purpose.  

Whichever material is chosen, a well-designed and constructed pergola has the advantage of adding value to the home. With a reasonable return on the initial investment of around 60%, adding a pergola to the patio is one of the single most significant ROIs available to homeowners for improvements.  

An Awning Might Be a Great Idea 

Adding an aluminum or stainless-steel corrugated awning patio cover is another way to make being outside more enjoyable. Both of these options have the advantage of being relatively maintenance-free once they are installed, at least in the short term. Stainless steel will eventually require painting since it has a tendency to rust but installing it will be less expensive than aluminum. Aluminum will cost more in the short term but will have a longer life span. 

A Stretched Tarp Might Work Out Well 

A stretched tarp is an easygoing, inexpensive patio cover idea. This nonpermanent solution may be just the ticket if the goal is to provide temporary shelter from the brutal sun. This option has the added advantage of variety since the tarps can be changed every so often. The tarp can be secured by attaching it to pillars installed in the yard. The stretched tarp can be completely installed and ready to go in one afternoon or as a weekend project. 

Whichever patio cover idea is chosen, it is sure to provide a wonderful space to spend time with loved ones. It can serve as a space for everything from backyard barbeques to family game nights. 

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