Online Learning During Covid: Challenges & Solutions

The Covid-19 pandemic has compelled millions of teachers and students to shift to communicating online. The schools are not functioning, which leads to a reformed lifestyle. The institutions and teachers are striving hard in the pandemic to engage with students.

However, they have learned and adjusted to online teaching methods in no time. Many things are possible with technology usage, still no denial about the challenges that are in e-learning. It does not give a positive sign to both students and teachers.

The problems differ from subject to subject as well. It is difficult to explain some topics online as they require direct interaction and supervision of teachers. One such example is with students who need Chemistry help to perform subject-related experiments. Most chemistry experiments need an equipped laboratory and an expert’s supervision to perform these experiments. It is not possible with online studies.

Main Challenges of Online Learning

1. Organizing, Work Process, and Making the Best Use of Time

The teachers shifted to online teaching without adequate training and proper budget. The cost of a comprehensive learning management software is usually high. Hence the teacher is using different digital tools to conduct their classes online. Their day starts by opening various tabs for multiple uses, and it becomes time-consuming to switch them frequently.

They attend parents, students, and school meetings online to decide on the effective strategy of teaching. They need to collate many assignments and arrange them in proper order as they receive them from different places.

Teachers sit for hours to clear out any mess, elevate, and make sure that the online teaching runs smoothly and efficiently. These are more challenges of online learning than what we have seen now.

Solution. The irony is most of the Institutions didn’t foresee the need for online classes. Unfortunately, the teachers and students handled the problems of online teaching and prepared themselves to adapt to online learning. There are enough free tools available on the web for the teachers and students to do their teaching and learning effectively.

In this scenario, when it is not possible to use LMS, many companies offer a single platform for all the different digital tools in one place. The plans are usually free, and depending upon your usage, the cost varies. These free and paid tools are result-oriented, and you can properly organize and streamline the procedure for your work.

2. Limited Gadgets and Crashing Issues

Everyone does not have a personal computer and laptop for learning online. Most people share these gadgets with their family members to keep on track with their learning. Another usual issue with these gadgets is they crash during the crucial time of teaching and learning.

Solution. The teachers should not give a strict timeline for the completion of an assignment. When family members share the gadgets, some countries are of the idea of lectures appearing on television so that a wider audience can access them.

3. Internet Connectivity

There are technical issues that most people face in online learning. It is due to heavy traffic on the online platform, digital tools, and other software. This overloading gives the inferior video and audio quality, and the internet speed also gets affected. The internet speed becomes unstable, or the data plan currently does not suffice to cope with the needs of e-learning.

The gap in the homework of the students has become usual, as the students, whether in urban or rural areas, struggle with internet connections. A teacher also has to manage the challenges of internet connection while they are on online teaching.

Solution. It becomes hard to resolve connectivity issues when the majority of people are online. Consultation with your broadband service provider can be one of the solutions. Even the current browsing plan needs an upgrade, and the next hope is a 5G coverage. The real situation is we need to adjust with the internet speed till the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end.

4. Computer Training and Literacy

It is a real challenge for parents, teachers, and students to adjust to any LMS software or any other digital tools with no proper training. It becomes difficult for them to handle innumerable data while dealing with digital systems. They also become frustrated when something is not clear to them quickly.

Solution. To have digital literacy, both students and teachers should join additional computer classes. Most of the digital service providers also provide online customer support. They also give online training to make use of their software effectively.

Finding a Solution for Effective Online Education

There is no second thought that there are challenges in the online learning option. But there are solutions available for every digital shortcoming. The school management should spend some time with their teachers to decide upon an effective digital tool. The problem has brought in opportunities to many digital companies to provide the best solutions to teachers and students.

Nowadays gadgets are not only for fun but also to enhance your knowledge in a quick time. Parents should make their children aware of the progressive usage of these gadgets and the internet. There is much information flowing digitally, and the students should be literate enough to grab what is necessary.

Online learning becomes efficient by choosing the best options available for digital learning.

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