OCTAVE 2-in-1 Stash Holder & Portable Battery

OCTAVE, a high-tech cannabis hardware brand launched their newest product, the Battpak, a functional, portable battery pack that will charge your electronics on the go but also acts as a portable mini safe for your stash! Would you be interested in sampling this product? More information below:


Perfect for travel, concerts, and music festivals or just having all your stuff in one place, the side of the battery has an “Adult Proof” button that allows you to open the secret stash area. Not only does it act as a safekeeper for your credit cards, cash, and papers, it also has a strap that will hold straws, cigarettes, whatever you want to keep private:

The Battpak also contains a sleek stainless steel magnetic tray. This allows you to magnetize loose articles so they will not shake around inside and provides a clean, contained surface for your convenience. The portable battery/safe includes:

  • 3-way USB/Type-C/USB mini cord

  • Highest Quality 10,000 mAh Battery

  • Custom pcba circuit board for universal charging

  • USB and USB type-C outputs

  • USB type-C Input

  • Fire retardant polycarbonate housing

  • Hand stitched vegan leather wallet

  • High definition laser etched OCTAVE pattern

About Myster

Myster elevates cannabis culture by designing accessories that look classy, feel good, and work well. Beyond innovative design, Myster is on a mission to reframe outdated stereotypes about being an enthusiast. Today, social stigmas have faded ad people from all walks of life use marijuana medicinally and recreationally. Myster’s goal is to support the creative and motivated network of cannabis enthusiasts around the world and participate in the cultural revolution taking place right now.

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