NFPA LiNK Leads Digital for Skilled Trade Workers

As a younger generation begins entering the skilled trades workforce, it’s vital that these professionals are equipped with digital tools that enhance their jobsites. Baby Boomers are now retiring en masse – a shift that brings with it the risk of a loss of institutional knowledge between generations. To combat both the growing skilled labor shortage and high rates of turnover, digital resources can act as impactful tools to bridge the gap between experienced and green workers, enhance collaboration among all team members, and pass down best practices and tips traditionally only learned from years on the job.  

NFPA LiNK®, created by the National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®), is a subscription-based application that meets users where they are with trusted, reliable information and tools to help resolve fire, electrical, and building and life safety questions on the spot, and with confidence that they have everything they need to keep moving. The tool features the most recent versions of more than 325 NFPA codes and standards, as well as some of the most popular prior editions – allowing building officials, engineers, architects, and facility managers to have resources at their fingertips. NFPA LiNK® delivers NFPA codes and standards, expert commentary, visual aids, and supporting content on a user’s favorite device, allowing professionals to easily navigate and understand code requirements based on real-life situations.  

With NFPA LiNK®, individuals can collaborate with others, store content for offline viewing, bookmark sections, add notes, and share with team members. No longer are retiring team members’ valuable notes lost forever in the margins of their printed codebooks. NFPA LiNK allows team members who are working on a specific project to collaborate whether or not they’re on the jobsite together. With the virtual capabilities available in the platform, sharing notes or highlights, writing messages, and viewing the codes and standards needed to complete a project or renovation is fully accessible to everyone involved. Using digital tools to enhance team collaboration and advance workforce development can make trade industries more welcoming to the next generation while making it easier to pass on generational knowledge.  

To learn more, or to subscribe to NFPA LiNK®, visit: 


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