New Esports Venues Are Set to Open Across US

One of the industry’s that has seen the most growth over recent years has been that of the online gaming industry, specifically Esports. The prize for winning major tournaments is increasing, as is the number of people who are enjoying taking part in these sports, and as such, new venues are set to open across the US to be a home for Esporting events.

Of course, there has been a rise in the popularity of online gaming due to the recent coronavirus pandemic because whilst physical sports had to be put on hold, the ability to arrange large tournaments from the comfort of our own home is a driving factor in the positive impact on the gaming industry throughout the pandemic.

Current Esports Arenas in the US 

There are currently a number of successful Esports arenas all around the US, with some of the most successful being:

  • Esports Stadium Arlington, Arlington, Texas

This is easily the biggest Esports arena that the US has to offer. Currently under production and set to open in November, this 100,000 square foot behemoth dedicated to all things gaming is soon to be visited by fans from all over the world. A total of $10,000,000 went into this build, and given the increasing popularity of Esports, the return on investment will be well worth it.

  • Allied Esports Arena Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada

This new attraction in Vegas has not been around long and was only installed in March, replacing what used to be a nightclub. It’s 30,000 square feet provide the perfect space for gaming fans from across the world to come to compete and watch their favorite teams.

  • Blizzard Arena, Burbank, California

What is probably one of the most famous names in gaming, this Blizzard Arena in Burbank is frequented by competitive gamers worldwide. Located in LA, it is a prime spot right near the likes of Warner Bros Studios and NBC Universal Studios.

Esports Cafes and Centers

One of the largest expansions in Esports venues in the US is a product from across the pond as an established UK Esports company are set to open up over 500 new venues in the US. These will all be located in malls and shopping centers. The first set to open is in Pearland Town Center and additional venues are planned for Dallas, Columbus, Chicago, Ohio, and Nashville.

Belong Gaming Arenas is currently prospering in the UK in 25 different locations. They provide somewhere for gamers to practice thanks to their range of high spec PCs and games consoles. They also organize daily team competitions for both amateurs aspiring pros. Customers can also get snacks and drinks at the venue and buy their own gaming equipment too.

Given the cost of these new venues, there is a question mark lingering over whether or not there will be a significant return on investment or not, some do not believe so, but the end result will be dictated by time. Realistically, given the increase in popularity in Esports throughout the pandemic, these new venues will be a welcome addition.




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