Moving in a Bigger Office? What You Need to Do

So you find yourself moving to a new, bigger workspace. That’s wonderful news, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind as you set yourself up to use the new space. Without realizing it, you could be laying out your new office in a way that discourages the best possible work from being done within the unit.

For many years, people were unaware of how strong our environments can be, how powerful their influence on our mental state, emotional state, and productivity is. Slowly, the field of environmental psychology has compiled the data on our workspaces and how they affect our work.

Office Layout And Decor Matters

Poor office layout and decor, which means any design choices that have been made without considering human psychological reactions to their environments, can result in unnecessary impatience, frustration, anxiety, and discomfort for workers or clients. As you might expect, these sorts of feelings harm work performance. In contrast, stellar office layout and decor can boost the mental state of workers and clients, resulting in a positive effect on work performance. Depending on the choices made, this can mean increased efficiency and productivity, richer creativity, and calmer workers. In the simplest terms, strong office design can improve the work done within your office.

Furniture And Worker Health

Foremost, there are many practical elements to consider within your office. The height of desks, the engineering behind chairs, and the angle of computer screens can all have a big impact on worker health, particularly over the long term. Studies now show that people spend, on average, one-third of their entire lives at work. Your office is going to be affecting you and other workers slowly for 90,000 hours.

For example, if someone experiences back pain from years of sitting in the wrong kind of chair at work, you can bet on their performance diminishing at work. Have you ever tried to work even though you were in pain? How was your performance in comparison to days where you felt no pain? Thinking about the effects of your office space on health is the very first step towards using your new office to its fullest.

COVID-19 Considerations

In a post-pandemic world, we know how important it is to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus (as well as any future potential viruses). Beyond the standard health concerns that come with office work, there are additional coronavirus-related aspects to consider. Experts from recommend a core infrastructure inspection to make sure that all aspects of your office space are functioning optimally. Because the space may have been closed down abruptly when the pandemic hit, it is especially important to consider your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. You might also want to apply social distancing guidelines to the layout of the furniture discussed above. Again, worker health is the first element to consider when you’re looking to use a workspace optimally.

While you’re in the process of examining the health and safety elements of your office, you should have the water tested (especially if you or other people use tap water for drinking or making coffee or cooking lunches). You should make sure the fire exits are up to code and are given the appropriate amount of space. You should examine (and test) the smoke detectors and ensure the fire extinguishers have not expired.

Decor And Worker Emotional States

In addition to choosing furniture and making sure your office is clean and safe, you need to consider the effect that decor is having on those working within an office. Several things may be influencing the mood of everyone within your office without you even being away for it. Study after study has been done on the effects that different colors have on human emotions. If you start by thinking about the mood that would be most ideal within your workspace, you can then work backward and choose a color palette that suits your emotional aims, whether those aims are a high-energy and aggressive or calm, cool, and collected.

With these concepts kept in mind, you are well on your way to taking full advantage of your new and bigger office. Of course, every business is different and so every office will need to be different as well. Depending on the style of work and the culture you wish to cultivate within your workspace, you may want to add to these ideas.







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