Major Signs That Your Foundation is Failing

A home is probably the most important investment a person will ever make in their lifetime. Wear and tear over time naturally result in damages that should be addressed immediately to prevent more complex damages down the line. The unattended issues can range from plumbing problems, changes in soil composition, or the natural decomposition of your structure’s materials, like wood. These problems can negatively affect a house’s foundation if left unresolved. In this article, we will be discussing ways to identify major signs of damage to your home’s foundation and the interventions you can do to keep it from falling apart.

Wall Cracks

Fine cracks over exterior walls, near corners, and stairs are quite normal; they usually occur due to environmental exposure. However, if large cracks are developing from the base of your walls and have a zig-zag shape, that means that there might be an issue within your foundation. 

Sheetrock Cracks

Sheetrock cracks are deep, running along the length of a wall, and popping out from the interior. Similar to exterior wall cracks, they make a distinct zig-zag appearance and can even move up to the ceiling. Calling in experts to evaluate the issues is necessary to ensure you and your property are kept safe.

Uneven Flooring

It’s natural for some floor areas of your home to sink due to soil changes beneath the flooring. This could occur mostly due to a malfunction in the plumbing system. If water seeps into the base of your home’s foundation, evident changes in the flooring can happen. Construction engineers and personnel specializing in the home repair industry suggest that a comprehensive foundation repair would be necessary if you find an uneven floor, with a gradient that is more than 2 inches. You will also experience doors that get stuck halfway through when being opened or closed. Furthermore, doors and door frames will have visible cracks near the ceiling. Therefore, don’t waste time and call for expert help as delaying these repairs might cost you a lot more money than what you would be paying now. 

Windows and Doors

In case of a weak foundation, you will notice doors popping out of their brackets and being separated from the wall bricks over time. This is a major repair alert and should be dealt with adequately. Homes with wooden doors and windows might experience the wood getting damp and swollen due to water seepage. This dampening is a sign that there is a problem with the foundation. It might be possible that the humidity in the crawlspace is causing the damage or a pipe leak is causing the wooden beams and piers to soak up the extra water, resulting in irreparable damage. Nails popping out from the walls is another sign that there is dampness in the walls which should be checked. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to address the issue as soon as possible. Leaving the problem unaddressed will only make things worse and lead to major complications. 

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned signs might help you in identifying your specific situation beforehand. However, the best way to move forward is by conducting an overall home inspection by professionals to ensure everything within your home is maintained well.

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