Machinery insurance for machinery on project sites

When it comes to getting your machinery off the construction sites, a variety of risks can come along with it.  Due to the remote location, condition of the machine, the way of tackling it, or fur to any of the forthcoming catastrophe, your machinery can break down.

Also, as a contractor, you can have a variety of issues and liabilities related to the machinery. This is why it is important to make sure that you are keeping yourself covered to deal with all the upcoming perils so that your finances don’t drain out in such situations. 

Fast machinery Insurance has all the best kinds of insurances to cover you.  Here are the most common types of insurance that you will get for your machinery protection on the construction site. Have a look :

CPM Insurance Policy :

The CPM Insurance policy or the Contractor’s Plant and Machinery Insurance comes as an all-risk insurance policy. It offers coverage for the machinery and the plant of the contractor for a certain worksite. 

Various machinery and plants such as bulldozers, forklifts, compressors, drilling machines, trucks, etc., are the heavy-duty equipment used in the construction site in various right weather conditions. Thus occurring damage to such types of machinery is not that uncommon.

However, the breakdown of such types of machinery can pause the flow of your work as it can obstruct the completion process. 

At the same time, it can impose high-risk levels. For such situations, the CPM insurance policy comes to be the ultimate rescue. This policy offers complete coverage from unforeseen situations, which can save you at the right time.

Working on a construction site is completely impossible without heavy-duty gigantic machinery and equipment. 

Hence the physical loss of the machinery can lead to some uncertain and unnecessarily bothersome situations. This is why the CPM insurance policy strives to give you the ultimate coverage with plenty of benefits. Here are the benefits it offers:

Most of the CPM Insurance Policies cover the replacement of the machinery as per the current replacement price.

The main advantage that it offers is, giving coverage against any kind of damages and the loss to the insured machinery or the plants or on the equipment related to the construction.  In case of any accidents, fire, riot, or burglary, this insurance policy will cover the loss.

A CPM policy also offers complete freedom to the contractor to choose the plant and the machinery for the site of the work.  The coverage will align with the type of machinery the contractor has picked.

The machinery Breakdown insurance:

The machinery breakdown insurance is somewhat similar to the CPM insurance policy in many ways. The damage to the machinery in your construction site is very common. 

For that purpose, the machinery breakdown policy comes as a security cover for any kind of accidental breakdown and the physical damages happening to the machinery. It excludes the plants from the coverage and only includes the machinery in it. 

This insurance policy also covers the costs of repairing and replacement of the damaged parts of the machine.  Many companies also combine the rider’s coverage for the additional risks. Also, it might include the customs duty, machine foundation, air- freight, etc.

Heavy machinery Insurance based on the type of equipment:

Based on the type of machinery, the insurance can differ for your construction site. Here are the types of insurances for heavy machinery:

      Excavator insurance:

The excavators are one of the most used pieces of equipment on the construction site. The excavator insurance covers the breakdown done to the machine due to the vulnerable climate, accidents, or any other kind of breakdown cover in the policy.

      Plant and equipment insurance

This insurance covers the plants and the equipment for any kind of public risk due to accidents, fire, or any other damages.

      Earthmoving equipment insurance:

The earthmovers are exposed to various hazards and bigger losses. Thus comprehensive insurance dedicated to it can save from bigger losses.


Working at a construction site is never out of the risks. The reason can be anything but the damages done to the machinery and the other essentials in the construction site that can pause your work speed. This is why coverage for the types of machinery in your construction site is highly necessary so that you can stay covered financially.

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