LSI Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: LYTS), the industry’s only single source supplier of lighting, graphics and technologies that enhance brand images and establish meaningful customer experiences, today announced the launch of SmartVision® tunable color downlights. The new tunable color lighting solution is designed to enhance retailers’ abilities to use programmable color LED lighting to increase customer visits and lengths of stay, focus attention on select areas and products in the store, create unique and desirable lighted environments, increase product sales and reduce energy costs.  

“SmartVision® tunable color downlights represent another giant leap forward for LSI and our retail customers,” says LSI Chief Technology Officer Andy Foerster. “Our new tunable color LED lighting solution is what we call a cross-integrated technology – a controlled lighting product, an IoT technology and a graphic solution – that goes right to the heart of what retailers are looking for: proven technology that enhances brand, engages customers and builds sales.” 

Industry research has long confirmed the impact of tunable white lighting on retail sales, and new studies are now proving that tunable color LED lighting is also having a measurable impact on how consumers interact with products and promotions within the retail environment. 

“With our new tunable color downlights, we are expanding the artist’s palette for designing lighting and graphics together. They enable us to use the full spectrum of colors and textures and shapes to highlight and dramatize products, product sections, displays and other graphics within the retail store. In turn these highlighted areas attract customers, focus their attention, make them feel welcome and comfortable once they arrive at the area, invite them to engage with the product or display and encourage them to trial the product,” explains Foerster. “But equally important is how this color lighting solution integrates with the full scope of products and services that only LSI offers the retail industry.” 

LSI Industries is uniquely positioned in the lighting, technology and graphic industry with exclusive “full-circle, full life cycle” solutions that help retailers enhance their brand images and create engaging customer experiences that result in sales and loyalty.  

“Stores have used color for years to highlight select merchandise, like produce or clothing,” says Foerster, “but the possibilities of using connected, programmable color lighting  take this process to an entirely new level.”  

LSI’s SmartVision® tunable color downlights enable retailers to select colors that align with changes in merchandise or seasonal promotions.  Tunable color downlights can be programmed to change color in a smooth preset sequence, adding a new dimension to the display. Additionally, LSI can download new programs as needed to support specific promotions, typically, in concert with new content that LSI downloads into the SOAR Digital Signage associated with the same promotion.   

“Connecting all of these elements – tunable light, programming, services and complete graphical design – is a capability that is unique to LSI Industries,” says Foerster, “Our ability to integrate lighting, controls, graphics, digital signage and Internet of Things technologies to create meaningful brand images and customer engagement – and flawlessly apply them in the retail industry – is unmatched.” 

A demonstration of the new solution will take place at Globalshop 2017, booth 3631, March 28-30. 

About LSI Industries 

LSI Industries, Inc. is a vertically integrated U.S.-based manufacturer and integrator of

commercial, residential and industrial lighting and controls, custom graphic solutions, digital signage and IoT technologies. Through its LED lighting and controls, LSI helps retailers create enhanced indoor and outdoor environments, enhance lighting quality and reduce energy costs. Through its graphic solutions capability, its artists create custom-designed, handcrafted visual products that bring added value to retail environments and their customers. Through SOAR digital signage, LSI enables businesses to reach new levels of customer engagement driven and delivered by advanced digital technology designed and supported by the company’s dedicated team of technology and content experts. And LSI’s newest advancement – SmartVision® IoT technologies – is laser-focused on innovative Internet-based solutions. 

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, LSI manufactures in the USA through its facilities in Ohio, California, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina and Texas. The Company’s common shares are traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol LYTS.

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