Locksmith Tips on How to Up Your Homes Security



Our house is the place where most of us keep our best belongings, and that’s why home security is one crucial aspect one should be concerned about. To stop a robber from intruding into your own home, you need to have a similar outlook as a thief.

This is where locksmiths have the upper hand as they are specialized in dealing such cases, they can dig into the brains of thieves to assist common people by equipping them with the necessary knowledge to keep themselves shielded from home intrusions. Refer to various blogs on the Internet to learn more.

Following are the tips from experienced locksmiths one should follow to upgrade home security:

    1.     Secure your doors properly:

First, verify that every lock, hinges, and even the door are in good condition, i.e., without any loosed screw or cracked or weak wood of the door. Ensure that at least three hinges are fitted correctly in the right position. Also, make sure that the external door is fitted with at least two good quality door locks. Making doors that swing outwards can prevent burglars from entering into the house easily. You can get new locks and keys cut with companies like Fast keys.

2) Secure your windows:

Replace the standard glasses with shatterproof glasses that are hard to break through; they cost much but won’t consider your home’s security. Also, install window latches are key and lock operate. Installing and erecting security bars has a huge plus point as it can easily prevent anyone from entering the house. Install glasses that aren’t transparent from outside so that one can survey the scene and can’t see items to steal.

3) Hide your valuables

Burglars will generally get attracted to houses that expose too many expensive items. They can easily spot items with windows that are transparent, and this happens much when the valuable items are kept on the ground floor of a house. So, it is better to use dark glasses for windows and also curtains. 

Avoid keeping fancy and expensive cars, and bikes outside of the house as that easily attract thieves, keep those vehicles inside the garage. And dump boxes of newly purchased items rather than keeping them outside.


4) Hire authentic locksmiths:

It is critically important to survey the validity of the locksmith before hiring, as they can have the duplicate key of the locks that they have installed, and they also might inspect the weak spots of houses for barging or invading in future.

5) Install exterior lights:

This may sound costly as putting on light can consume a high amount of electricity, but one must use the alternative of using solar-powered exterior lights around the access points to the houses, including front and back doors, windows, pathways, etc. Installing these lights can highlight dark areas where thieves can hide.

6) Install home security systems:

Professional security systems may cost much, but they are effective in keeping home safe. Installing iron grilles outside windows or collapsible gates out the exterior door can prevent robbery to a high amount. 

Erecting fences can impede the process of the robbery, as providing an obstacle makes it hard for robbers to pass. CCTVs, though isn’t much affecting for protecting against a robbery, at least it can capture footage, and it helps in tracing out the burglars through the footages. These CCTVs are hugely effective in large space business offices or malls as security officials keep constant vigilance over every area.

7) Provide no hint of being away:

It is general that we post status declaring our trip to different areas, but the dark circumstances are that it attracts thieves to invade into homes while one is away. So, share information about trips only with one whom you can rely on. Contact with your neighbor to keep mailbox empty as piling up of letters can give symbols to thieves of you being away.

8) Hang warning signs:

Hanging signs such as “beware of dogs” “you are under CCTV surveillance” can be effective at some point, as buglers may get second thought of retreating back seeing such signs.


Protecting their own home is one of the primary contemplations for any house owner. A person should take at least two of these above-mentioned points in practice to keep their home safe and save their precious items from being stolen.

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